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Access all of your favorite music, discover new songs, and share music online with your friends - all in one place. Create shared playlists or share individual songs with your Facebook friends with just a click of a button. Follow your favorite artists or friends to know what they are listening to, and then save the songs to your own playlists. Spotify is the best way to have access to millions of songs, and all the latest hits.
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Baudrual 4 months ago

Works at perfection under 20.1 Cinnamon !!

Cannatonic 11 months ago

not working.

Kalku 11 months ago

No recominedo esta aplicacion, desdeel momento en que la instale, los gestotes de paquetes, sofware y actualizaciones me dejaron de funcionar, tube que eliminar y reestables desde el terminal y con mucha yuda, ya que yo no soy muy avanzado. tengo linux mint no a instalen. I do not recommend this application, from the moment I installed it, the package managers, software and updates stopped working for me, I had to eliminate and reestablish them from the terminal and with a lot of help, since I am not very advanced. I have linux mint not to install

SergeantBL 11 months ago

Flatpak works better than the other version.

janvanveen62 1 year ago

Not working! LMDE4 32 bit softwarecenter spotify installation via flatpack gives error since a few weeks. Using the way provided by spotify gives error on libcurl3 current is libcurl 4 used.

PareshGaur 1 year ago

A wonderful app. I love to use it.

nowakowski 1 year ago

It works well. But it would be even better if there was a Spotify client that respects the appearance of the application in Linux Mint.

dhiedro 2 years ago

instalei no meu linux mint 19.1 tessa e não mantem a conta de usuário salva e logada a pós ser fechado e reaberto, mesmo mantendo a opção de relembrar o login do usuário, o que me fez desistala-lo e instalar a versão snap!

Bluesky83 2 years ago

Não consigo instalar, pois o Flathub vive offline.

Ota1991 2 years ago

cant listen to local music. it wont show it even after i configure it to my local music folder.

pato 3 years ago

I would like to use this, but the cursor change.

Diogo 3 years ago

This is a good think to use apps, but the installation is slow a lot. The convenvial mode is fasters then flatpak mode.

ferox 3 years ago

flatpack so much better than the software manager version

jporpino 3 years ago

Vinha tendo problemas com a versão do próprio site, mas nessa até agora está rodando legal.

AlesonMedeiros 3 years ago

Muito simples e prático

deuteranopia 3 years ago

I also moved to flatpak because when I sometimes launched Chromium, these both Spotify and Chromium was hanging, properly working only when only one of them was opened. Installing Spotify out here resolves this problem though the cursor seemed to be stayed from GNOME.

fasolens 3 years ago

I moved from deb package of Spotify to flatpack. It is nice to heve is here. Everything is working fine but cursors are not inherited from system settings. They are probably GNOME default.