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Send free messages and make free calls to other Viber users on any device and network, in any country! Viber syncs your contacts and messages with your mobile device.

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bobihot 1 day ago

Not alwais - very rarelly started and I do not know when? I restart many times Linux LMDE5 and install Viber on several kinds, include flat pack. Apear for some seconds in System monitor process and after that disapear?

Kronos 1 week ago

It doesn't even launch anymore.

nikolatepavac 3 months ago

Everything works excellent.

IBlasterus 1 year ago

Don't work text formatting (markdown) according official documentation. Bot buttons too big by default.

gidiara 1 year ago

Too small letters on my screen!!!

Lestatte 2 years ago

Good app. I use it for work.

israline 2 years ago

Excellent. מושלם. Очень нравится интерфейс. Всё работает как часы.

ker1a 2 years ago

plz, update

lloricode 2 years ago

2.1 GB space required?

madmax95 2 years ago

Great viber desktop app!!

Mitsos 2 years ago

Besides not supporting some of the characters of the Greek alphabet, it simply stopped working on the 25th of March. Uninstalling and reinstalling does not seem to solve the problem.

Nikolaha53rus 2 years ago

Немного притормаживает, какие то артефакты на картинках контакта.

_isecream_ 3 years ago

why simple messanger takes up so much disk space?!?!

johngavr 3 years ago

Viber on Mint? Very nice and plays without bugs. I always searching for Viber at the official site and now its on software manager. Good WOrk!

Kuraga 3 years ago

Very good on LM 19.1 Cinnamon! There are not white screen or another troubles on my system. Thanks for this software!!!

Wildjoey 3 years ago

I have just installed Viber. The sync between phone and desktop went flawlessly! It works great and am happy. But one little thing that is a bit of a bummer is that you cannot resize the window. It is quite large and will only resize to that. Sure wish it could be smaller.

teogin 3 years ago

Everything was wonderful until yesterday! I tried to open it and an empty screen is displayed like a ghost. Please do something! Thanks.

ka4a 3 years ago

easy to install and easy to use. thank you.

Grompf 3 years ago

White screen too. And de DEB package from the Viber web page doesn't works. I've asked to Viber and they said that Viber is no more supported for Linux Mint ! You can try using this method :

Vasilis_K 3 years ago

Working just fine on Mint! Two things though: 1. It has a setting for auto starting when the PC boots, which is activated and can't be deactivated. But still, it doesn't auto start. 2. It's not updated. Stuck on version 7...