File manager
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Dolphin is the default file manager in the Plasma, intended to be both powerful and easy to use.

Features include:
Customisable sidebars
"Breadcrumb" navigation
View properties remembered for each folder
Split views
Network transparency
Undo/redo functionality
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Yaroslav_A_Litvinov 6 months ago

Недавно я заинтересовался темой Файловых менеджеров под linux, "наковырял" в Интернете несколько сайтов, посвященным поиску лучших файловых менеджеров под эту Операционную систему. Установил все, начал сравнивать... В итоге могу сказать, что "Dolphin file manager" наиболее худший вариант из: Konqueror, Nautilus, GNU Midnight Commander, Krusader, PCManFM, XFE, Nemo,Double Commander и GNOME Commander. Посмотрев на потребление ресурсов Оперативной памяти всех этих программ, я мягко говоря удивился - этот файловый менеджер потребляет 101 МегаБайт оперативной памяти... 101 МегаБайт... Плюс к этому, он еще и очень долго, по сравнению с остальными, запускается. Исходя из этой информации я сразу решил что данной программе делать в моей системе нечего. Так что, товарищи вам на вооружение, не стоит обращать внимание на эту программулину, ведь существуют более качественные программы этого типа.

BinKIno 1 year ago

the only one that offers aditable icon bar and so on, BUT NO ICONS FOR FILES AND FOLDERS FOR GERMAN USERS!Fix it

Teretv 2 years ago

Gran administrador de archivos de KDE. Está parcialmente traducido al español. Posiblemente el mejor gestor visual. Linux Mint 18.1

abrahaofs 3 years ago

Great only in KDE de. Buggy in other de's

SauPhi 3 years ago

Ne fonctionne pas avec Mint 18

lib2know 3 years ago

Powerful filemanager including two panes and user defined shortcuts. Good designed menubar.d

LinuxFan5 3 years ago

Could be Better! Nice feature of Pictures preview.

eXpitser 4 years ago

Interesting file manager, and very friendly

stal 4 years ago

Je nr peu le metre en francais...

Captain-Hooke 4 years ago

Great FM just wish it would work in Mint 17.1 Cinnamon

Rebel450 4 years ago

Best Filemanager yet, but the older version with Millers Columns view was the best - bring it back !

michelsaey 5 years ago

Great filemanager

tomgroen 5 years ago

it's work with linuxmint 17.1, but it's only english

nguyenminhnhan91 5 years ago

Not work with linuxmint 17.1

yuhihe 5 years ago

I love its split and terminal integration

WhitePhoenix 5 years ago

Useless search interface.

jahid_0903014 5 years ago

don't like it. nemo is the best

quidam 5 years ago

Very functional, customizable, fast and efficient filemanager. And in the same time beautiful! Dolphin was a sole reason, that I change from GNOME and relatives to KDE.

ericvictor66 5 years ago

that's what i call a file manager

DonGiovanni 5 years ago

I've used win, mac and other linux distros and Dolphin is my fav file manager. Looks lovely, customizable and the preview mode and split view are very useful and eyecandy. Thank you for an awsome app and allow me some suggestions: when on a folder and navigate up, by default the folder you where on should be selected; when renaming a file pressing tab key should put you renaming the next file which is very useful to rename/number lots of camera picture files; wastebin should show the file date (created/modified) as well as the deletion date; when copying/moving large files there should be an animation showing the process is still undergoing; finally, when selecting a file, a large preview (on the down left side bar) could be seen that allowed, for example, to read a pdf file or a text file, at least the large font titles.