GTK+ editor for audio file tags
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EasyTAG is an utility for viewing, editing and writing the tags of different audio files, using a GTK+ interface.

Currently EasyTAG supports the following:
- View, edit, write tags of MP3, MP2 files (ID3 tag), FLAC files (FLAC Vorbis
tag), Ogg Opus, Ogg Speex and Ogg Vorbis files (Ogg Vorbis tag),
MP4/M4A/AAC files (MPEG-4 Part 10 tag), and MusePack, Monkey's Audio files
(APE tag);
- Auto tagging: parse file and directory names using masks to automatically
fill in tag fields;
- Cover art support for all formats;
- Rename files from the tag fields (using masks) or by loading a text file;
- Process selected files of the selected directory;
- Ability to browse subdirectories;
- Recursion for tagging, removing, renaming, saving, etc;
- Can set a field (artist, title, ...) on all other selected files;
- Read file header information (bitrate, time, ...) and display it;
- Undo and redo last changes;
- Ability to process tag fields and file names (convert letters into
uppercase, lowercase, etc);
- Ability to open a directory or a file with an external program;
- CDDB support (from http protocol);
- A tree based browser;
- A list to select files;
- A playlist generator window;
- A file searching window;
- Simple and explicit interface.
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Medina 3 weeks ago


alexrsj 4 weeks ago

Funciona perfecto en Linux Mint 20.2 y solo ocupa 5MB. No es muy intuitivo pero sirve para renombrar archivos en función de sus etiquetas

Mais1Mano 3 months ago

Até agora, uns dos melhores editores de tags para Linux. Funciona de boa.

Mastic 4 months ago

j'utilise trés peu de fonction, mais pour ce que j'ai a faire, il fonctionne bien, dommage que le glissé/déposé ne fonctionne pas. je n'ai pas rencontré de probleme.

forever-and-a-day 4 months ago

Very useful for adding metadata to ripped CD music, however it's difficult to select individual tracks and should honestly just implement a checkbox selecting system like most other programs do with these kind of lists.

caltrop4 6 months ago

goes off bottom of screen what's up with some files being hilited? not that easy appears to save entire file not just metadata really designed for audio files SUCKS!

Olli4you 11 months ago

Linux Mint 19.3: It's changing automatically the mp3-files (correcting them). That's the negativ point. But on the other hand it works good.

kc6ufm 1 year ago

Damned near impossible to use. A fine example of bloatware. Avoid at all costs.

Blasfemis 1 year ago

It has lots of nice functions and features including album art but comfortable ease of use is terrible. Easy to get lost with lots of sub directories and applying some of the lenses is cumbersome. Defaults do not change easily and colum sizes change causing irritation.It works, it is OK, but feels like a battle to use.

oldmanbrook 2 years ago

Coming from Windows and mp3TAG, this is even better and so much easier to use. The little things like leading zeros for tracks 1-9 is awesome. Well done for such a perfect applciation in every way :)

phil995511 2 years ago

Best one Music Tag on Linux

carlosmtnz 2 years ago

A great and easy to use tagger. I have been using it for five years and it's never missing in my installations.

edum95 3 years ago

Excellent tagger, very complete and useful, works well on mint 19...

fdfrs 4 years ago


franckgaga 4 years ago

Very complete Tag Editor. Works well on Mint 18.2 !

Vasilis_K 4 years ago

Great! PPA for those who want the latest official, stable release: amigadave/ppa

FMisFidomom 4 years ago

Had it on old machine. was handy. wanted it on new machine. works great.

Anaemic 5 years ago

Very good tagger. It takes a while to get used to the program, but worth it.

Nameless1 5 years ago

CDDB Searching is not robust, otherwise every other feature is solid.

callagg2 5 years ago

love it, so easy to use