Document (PostScript, PDF) viewer
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Evince is a simple multi-page document viewer. It can display and print PostScript (PS), Encapsulated PostScript (EPS), DjVu, DVI, Portable Document Format (PDF) and XML Paper Specification (XPS) files. When supported by the document, it also allows searching for text, copying text to the clipboard, hypertext navigation, and table-of-contents bookmarks.
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Elettra 1 year ago

Mi piace molto, molto rapido e funzionale. Grazie ! ( I like it very, very quick and functional. Thank you ! )

jepe 1 year ago

annotation color: YELLOW, without being able to set a new color as default? NONSENSE, silent arrogance

dartomic 2 years ago

It is not as good as Xreader, which now comes with Linux Mint. Sometimes the window does not display maximized properly. Also, since it is designed for Gnome, the window titlebar looks out of place from the other applications window titlebars, but that's not a big deal. The menu system is not as organized as Xreader either. I'm pretty sure those complaints have more to do with Gnome's graphical user interface systems that evence is relying on, including the lack of a a well organized menu system. It does have a nice menu for selecting pdf files though.

beitme 2 years ago

It's great

Crimson_Raven 3 years ago

Almost as slow (if not slower) than the default pdf viewer that comes with mint (and that is SLOW). I was expecting more.

rahul 4 years ago

Best one paired with Recoll. Also lists ALL search results which I find super helpful while searching within an ebook. Okular or Foxit don't handle these things very well.

DJPhil 4 years ago

Middle click for hand tool dude. Control + mousewheel zooms too.

openletter 6 years ago

Needs hand tool, a staple of PDF readers since at least the early 2000s.

normic 6 years ago

Quick and clean, but doesn't keep view settings when selecting page from index, that's annoying

nntndfrk 6 years ago


Teno 7 years ago

LM18 KDE: Gefällt mir besser als Okular - Schlank und aufgeräumt - Super

ura16511 7 years ago

Отлично. Просто и работает!!!!

MikeF90000 7 years ago

After lo these many years of GNOME project neglect, evince is still feature crippled. NO MULTIPLE TAB SUPPORT - wth? Zooming is awkward and sometimes doesn't work. The only decent PDF viewer for Linux I've found is (closed source and free) Foxit Reader.

choochooAl 8 years ago

Seems to do all the things I need.

markator 8 years ago

Thow it's good, it's not that good. I can not see some parts from a PDF single page invoice. I had to use the browser to see it.

reoxb 8 years ago

This is an incredible app, it's terrific!. But you need to know the anotations are made with "f9" key

linuxero 8 years ago

Very good app. Simple, ease to use and fast!

cryptor 8 years ago

Rápido y sencillo aunque a veces no se lleva bien con grandes archivos.

mustafahp 8 years ago

very good app simple and easy to use working good fast and smooth just one thing it can improve with some view option like night view for better reading experience at night

khader 8 years ago

simple yet very useful