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"I don't know why the game can't be set to full screen. But it is the best game I've played that's free. I would have paid a lot of money for this on Game Boy Advance or SNES."
"I don't actually hate this IDE, but it is no longer being developed. I read someone mention on the github page for this that development was shut down for it, and moved to the Apple version of Visual Studio. You can still write C# apps with GUIs, but there's no point, as it will never recieve any C# language features introduced since the last version of this was released. If you like using C#, and want a similar experience that this app should offer, then I recommend using Visual Studio Code, Glade, and writing in the Vala language instead. But pretty much any IDE still being maintained is a better choice than bothering with this IDE at all now. "
"Works great for me. Not sure why one reviewer here was having issues with it. I had the non-flatpak version, but starting having an issue with it today. So I decided to try this flatpak version. This has more features than the non-flatpak version in the repository. You can add stations through the app, but I havent tested that feature. You can also sort the stations alphabetically, which makes it easy to find the station you want to hear. You can also select stations for "Quickmix""
"It is not as good as Xreader, which now comes with Linux Mint. Sometimes the window does not display maximized properly. Also, since it is designed for Gnome, the window titlebar looks out of place from the other applications window titlebars, but that's not a big deal. The menu system is not as organized as Xreader either. I'm pretty sure those complaints have more to do with Gnome's graphical user interface systems that evence is relying on, including the lack of a a well organized menu system. It does have a nice menu for selecting pdf files though."
"This app is awesome, I didn't know anything like this existed. The developers aren't the ones who add the TV stations. They just linked it to people that keep a list of the stations available for free. You can easily add more stations by doing a google search of "iptv m3u". Other people maintain even larger lists that you can link to in the program. I have nearly 8,000 channels. Its not hard to figure out, just play around with it."
"Its pretty cool! I can play any game with any controller I have, even if the game doesnt support a game controller. You might need to adjust the sensitivity of the sticks in the app to how you like it."