Highly configurable and low resource X11 Window manager
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Fairly similar to blackbox, from which it is derived, but has been extended with features such as pwm-style window tabs, configurable key bindings, toolbar, and an iconbar. It also includes some cosmetic fixes over blackbox.

This package contains support for GNOME and KDE.
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confetti 7 years ago

Fluxbox will not fail you! It works and you can make it your own! What else does one want?

jadacez 9 years ago

Perfect for pure linux nerds who want light, custumizable and speedy desktop environment. I LOVE IT!

quake0 10 years ago

Hate it. If you want light, easy, and good looking use lxde.

vrkalak 11 years ago

I started using Openbox (also initially based on Blackbox) about 2 years ago. Within the past year, have come to love Fluxbox. I have found Fluxbox to be easier to use and configure than Openbox. Fluxbox is apparently - Blackbox "done right"

iTophux 11 years ago

very light, very speed, very low memory, very well

Tomas_IV 12 years ago

Just love it. Great for handling big number of windows and multi-window apps (GIMP etc..), since it can remember window position and/or size , or stack windows into one with tabbed interface. But it takes time to understand what it is about. Please do *not* review after few hours or days of testing, if everything you used so far is a desktop environment like Gnome/KDE/XFCE.

ihends 12 years ago

just hate it

sayan_acharjee 12 years ago

great look and easily configurable =]

Xyie 12 years ago

Lightweight and not too terribly hard to configure. Might take some config file editing, but doesn't always have to. Even when it does, it's simple enough to figure out. Great for a speedy, clean desktop that is light on resources, and easy to make your own. Adventurous beginners welcome!

wasp 12 years ago

Very lightweight and elegant !!

stimuli 12 years ago

This window manager is full of win! Recommended.