Extensible Open Source CAx program
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FreeCAD is an Open Source CAx RAD based on OpenCasCade, Qt and Python. It features some key concepts like macro recording, workbenches, ability to run as a server and dynamically loadable application extensions and it is designed to be platform independent.

Currently, FreeCAD can import and display CAD models in IGES, STEP, and BRep formats and meshes in STL, BMS, AST and Wavefront OBJ formats. Editing and modeling features are currently somewhat limited.

This is a metapackage of FreeCAD component packages.
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GZoltan 2 weeks ago

Maga a CAD része jó lenne, az alacsony score amiatt van mert ez a package a régi 0.18-as verziót tartalmazza, ami nálam ráadásul bugos, és emiatt használhatatlan (az auto-constraint nem működik) . A 0.19-es jól működik, de máshonnan kellett letöltenem. Ha a package-t frissítik, akkor megváltoztatom majd a review-emet.

Supersnigel 3 weeks ago

Used it for a while on Windows, there I found it a lot less user friendly than Fusion360 but quite powerful after the first couple of learning days. On windows a solid 4 on the review. Looked forward to using it on my Linux machine but here it actually is a lot worse. I get bugs I never saw on windows and the installation seems to be stuck at 0.18 with no simple way to upgrade to 0.19.

caltrop4 2 months ago

I find it unstable, full of bugs, and hard to use; I have used Autodesk Inventor & other CAD systems and FreeCAD is useless

Jess0514 6 months ago

A very easy to use application for CAD. And wide variety of tutorials are available anywhere in the internet.

AvanOsch 1 year ago

Excellent software! Install PPA first, for latest version: ppa:freecad-maintainers/freecad-stable

jay_otto 1 year ago

Get the latest version off their website.

scanff 2 years ago

(PLEASE UPDATE TO 0.18) -- I was a novice in CAD and no idea how to build 3d models. Freecad is more difficult than others to learn but I'm so glad I persisted at it. I went from begging my solid works friend to building simple models faster myself. Freecad is in my top three open source software ever.

FinixFighter 2 years ago

Amazing CAD software!

davidarf 2 years ago

It is difficult to get working in Mint 19.2 and when installed correctly it fails to open correctly my existing DXF drawings saved from TurboCAD. These drawing open correctly in QCAD and so indicates that FreeCAD is significantly flawed.

phil995511 3 years ago

Excellent software

AngryMos 3 years ago

Version 0.17 is ready. It is implemented as an *.AppImage file. This version works fine and has no errors in this moment. Just download and install it.

dreamman 3 years ago

I like it, perfekt to create small Things for 3D-Printing. If it doesnt start on Mint 19 use Terminal. LIBGL_DRI3_DISABLE=true freecad

kehf7x 3 years ago

FreeCAD does not open linux mint 18.3 is opening but linux mint tera 19 is not opening note: amd radeon r9 290x freecad does not open / Mash - Min18.3 yes it was working

Mash 3 years ago

0.16.6712/Mint19, on launch; No module named WebGui \n, Does work on Min18.3(VM)

jounathaen 3 years ago

The best there is, but unfortunately not that great.

martini 5 years ago

The best free 3d cad software, if you want the latest version you must download it from the FreeCAD website

LinuxMinz 6 years ago

quite old. Get the ppa from their website.

carlatnip 6 years ago

Use website for latest version 0.15

Trage 6 years ago

useful for converting 3D data.

lakester 7 years ago

Too buggy on Linux to be truly useful.