Subtitle editor for text-based subtitle files
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Text-based subtitles are commonly used with DivX video. Gaupol supports multiple subtitle file formats and provides means of text corrections and time manipulations. Gaupol's user interface is designed with attention to batch processing of multiple documents and convenient translating.

Supported formats are:
* Advanced Sub Station Alpha (.ssa)
* MicroDVD (.sub)
* MPL2 (.txt)
* SubRip (.srt)
* Sub Station Alpha (.ssa)
* SubViewer2 (.sub)
* TMPlayer (.txt)
VobSubs (image-based subtitles used in DVDs) are NOT supported.
Latest reviews
dmaster 5 months ago

a primitive piece of software without synchronizing or recognizing options. Also, it cannot read from external sources like HDD or USB drives.

minty_guy 8 months ago

I have LM 19.3, heeding the warning I chose not to install the older version from the Software Manager, but rather went to the flathub and had it installed as flatpak, in the latest version 1.7 (sudo flatpak install flathub io.otsaloma.gaupol) . It seems to work so far OK, and looks like an asome piece to process subtitles.

CmdrMic 10 months ago

Worthless. Linux Mint 19.1 Crashes whenever I try to load a video. REMOVED. Note: This is a VERY old version. 1.7 current.

ImConfused 1 year ago

Linux mint 19.1. It crashed when I attempted to load the video. I used it in the past LM18 or before I think and never had this bad a problem. It was usable.

jepe 2 years ago

it crashes every time I try to open an MKV file... so, I'm not a fan yet... as I cannot use it for what I would like to

chris-jcn 6 years ago

Simply the best! Actually the only one in Linuy that meets all my needs

luisneves 6 years ago

very very good

kobayashison 6 years ago

very useful the translation handling feature

Khashayar 8 years ago

nice tool , easy to use and good tool for matching subtitle with video , with preview option ...

ttmrichter 8 years ago

I've tried a lot of these tools. This one is the only one that was consistently functional.

solayagim 10 years ago

I used many subtitle editors under some linux distros but there is only Gaupol supports multilanguage files so I can edit Turkish subtitles as well. I recommend everyone.