Image viewer using GTK+
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Geeqie is a browser for graphics files offering single click viewing of your graphics files. It includes thumbnail view, zoom, filtering features and external editor support.
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ozeroc 1 year ago

This is my go-to image viewer. Now it displays animated GIFs so it's even better! I don't know if it's good for orgaizing images or anything but it works great for one handed operation.

ilvenini 1 year ago

I've been looking for some time for a tool to read SRW file (RAW files from Samsung NX Cameras) and this works beautifully fast. Nice!

dxtrek 2 years ago

Best viewer. Fast, keep zoom between images. El mejor visor. Es rápido, mantiene el zoom al pasar de una imagen a otra. Además permite borrar y abrir Gimp para editar.

Anotheroneuser 5 years ago

Отличная программа. Конечно, не Gwenview, но очень неплоха. Практически полный комплекс операций с фотографиями и удобное управление. Немного не хватает операции "отправить почтой", но, может, потом появится. Спасибо разработчикам!

mythgyver 5 years ago

works like a charm. I was looking for something to display a random slideshow.

adamyouing 6 years ago

just cool viewer

netasceta 7 years ago

Procesa RAW+JPG como una sola unidad, lo que resulta ideal para fotógrafos que quieren hacer un primer visionado de sus tarjetas.

Korpu 7 years ago

Not good as thumbnail viewer and sorter: you can't see thumbs all at once. Always 3-pane view, you can reassign what will be shown, but you can't make simple 2 pane view: directory tree on the left and all thumbs on the right. Back to GwenView.

Qruqs 7 years ago

Very nice indeed. [upd] Great duplicate finder! Lacks strength in navigation and stability.

fotonix 8 years ago

Nice, quick, simple. Worth a look as it may work for you. Update [Mar 2013]: removed it as it got in my way.

rotundifolia 8 years ago

Fast, simple to use... recommended

iDork 8 years ago

so far the best and simplest image viewer. fast and customizable!

maideii 8 years ago

The best ever used. No wait in loading raw file and super lightweight viewer

petexr 9 years ago

Refreshingly simple and fast image viewer

ulysses 9 years ago

three positionable windows, the way I like it

sw4dma 9 years ago

display cr2 correctly (canon 550 raw-files)

jtnelson89 9 years ago

By far the best image viewer I have ever used. Configurable, great shortcuts, great slideshow and full-screen modes. Fork of gqview.

asymmetros 9 years ago

Extremely fast and lightweight, easy to use: just turn the mouse wheel and the next photo is there. Also, integrates some extra features too: analytic exif information, pan view, etc

k273 10 years ago

Nice modifiable interface. Though light, can display a thorough property of images; full screen slideshow capability is also an advantage compared to gthumb. Slightly slow rendering thumbnails for the first time when opening folders containing pictures.

ronald8e 10 years ago

Fast, no DB needed