Simple GNOME app to access remote or virtual systems
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GNOME Boxes is a desktop client to view or use local virtual machines, remote physical machines, or remote virtual machines. Boxes is intentionally simple and easy to use.

Hardware virtualization is required to use local virtual machines.
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Blasfemis 9 months ago

Well Dang! That was a shedload easier to set up than the others. External drives work OK (although it swipes thm from my host while mounted but not a big deal). Internet connection works OK. It has become much easier to use virtual systems since I tried this.

Timo_111 1 year ago

For me to get it work i have to go to 'Users and Groups' and add myself to group 'kvm'. Restart after that.

nickg 1 year ago

installing via software center doesn't produce a working app

awais_2 4 years ago

A brilliant piece of software. It makes creating a virtual machine very easy. Little technical knowledge required.