Visual application launcher for GNOME
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Gnome-pie is a radial visual application launcher for GNOME. It allows the user to bind groups of frequently used applications to a ring that appears when a hot key / mouse binding is triggered.

It was inspired by the OPie addon written for the game World of Warcraft.
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rdlf4 2 years ago

That's right, it gets 3* for: A) it doesn't take as much system resources as I expected it to; B) it really helps whenever you want to open up an app or a wine-based app, which is a plus; C) It supports themes and starts up with the system. But it isn't perfect, as it conflicts with some other applications such as Avant Window Navigator. On top of that, it should come with a Listener or some kind of App Watcher, just so we can then DISABLE it when a game is launched. I have mine set to display a menu whenever I hold down the right mouse button. When gaming, this is a real problem, so I have to remind myself to close it before launching a game. Grr..

ELECTRO 4 years ago

Good :)

Trage 5 years ago

Not stable, but helpful!