Simple and modern sound recorder for GNOME
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GNOME sound recorder is an utility to make simple audio recording from your GNOME desktop. It supports several formats like OGG, MP3 or FLAC.
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gschwaer 5 days ago

It's nice and simple. It saves all files to: ~/Recordings

DocZen 7 months ago

The interface is very simple. Maybe even too simple: I can't find where the sound files are saved. And so it's unusable for me.

zigminaksang 10 months ago

i like it. nice audio recording app.

Vasilis_K 1 year ago

Nice and simple. Can be further imroved though.

lvntozgr2 2 years ago

I would recommend to use. Kullanman─▒z─▒ tavsiye ederim..!

mintistcirca2015 2 years ago

Static was very high despite volume setting. Not usable, for me. Maybe some tweaking of pulseaudio or JACK or something which is, to me, obscure. However, I was running it from CInnamon and the developers design this for GNOME, for which it may perform better. If I spent more time tweaking I may have been able to correct for this but it is easier to use kazam or vokoscreen and then extract the audio using Audacity. If I was smarter I might be able to figure out a way to record my screen audio-only using these apps, but it is not immediately apparent so I am stuck with the vide/extract workaround. But This app is not out-of-the-box working for this user.

BazyTrue 4 years ago

Very usefull program. I use him to record people on team speak 3. Nobody know that you recording. By default record audio on ogg audio format.