lightweight image viewer
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GPicView is a lightweight GTK+ 2.x based image viewer with following features:

* Extremely lightweight and fast with low memory usage * Very suitable for default image viewer of desktop system * Simple and intuitive interface * Minimal lib dependency: Only pure GTK+ is used * Desktop independent: Doesn't require any specific desktop environment
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Vasilis_K 2 years ago

Too simple. Doesn't support webp format. No print option.

Crypticsz 7 years ago

I like the minimalistic view. I especially like the lack of a file manager, always thought it's a considerably useless feature for an image viewer. But, what prevents me from using this as default is the lack of customization options. I want options to add/remove buttons from the bar/right click menu. I want options to make the app remember last window size so I don't have to resize after every new image opened. I want options to alter Shortcuts. I want options to add/remove data being shown in the button bar like currrent zoom %, size, etc.

markator 8 years ago

Could you add printing option to it?

iosonoscrive 8 years ago

Very useful

Huskell 8 years ago

My favorite, simple and clean.

Rindo 9 years ago

missing set as wallpaper option

rozali 9 years ago

Very nice.really fast and simple!thanx

topper 9 years ago

ligero, pequeño y rápido

perimeno 9 years ago

Simple and perfect tool to view images and perform basic operations.

Korpu 10 years ago

Basic viewer, no sorting thumbnails view, no basic editing capabilities. Prefer gThumb.

pawlo83pl 10 years ago

Bardzo dobra i najprostrza przeglądarka zdjęć.

benlz 10 years ago

Very good, I would like to see a side toolbar, wich could take less space.

fotonix 10 years ago

Packs a punch for its tiny size. I am impressed.

mr_yurka 10 years ago

Fast and easy to use! Esc to close, scroll to prev/next, ctrl+scroll to zoom... This should be the default viewer!.

marcosjavier777 11 years ago

Rápido, simple y con excelente calidad de visualización

deminted 11 years ago

Scroll-wheel: everywhere else I use it to magnify, I hAte scroll-browse. Does not show pic count & context e.g. "5th of 20". Does not pick up jpg if they have no .jpg suffix (etc.) - microsoft style? No option to darken bacground. No side-bar index or contact-sheet type facility. Otherwise ok, nothing special.

peacefulwarrior 11 years ago

This is the best image viewer I ever use!!! I'm tested all and I this is the best!!!

blueXrider 12 years ago

its ok

Germmare 12 years ago

gwenview is now my favorit

farnaby 12 years ago

may be fast - but essential feature missing: printing.