Displays time and date in specified time zones
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This program displays the time and date of specified time zones using a GTK+ interface. It also provides a "rendezvous" function allowing the zones to be synchronised to a time other than the current time. This can help you organise meetings across different timezones.

The time zones may be entered by hand in TZ format or chosen from a list prepared from /usr/share/zoneinfo/ The zone list is kept in a format consistent with the shell script tzwatch.
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nofu 2 years ago

Works great for me! For example, from the Options menu, select Add Time Zone, then select Asia under the Continents tab, then India under Countries tab, and then under the Regions tab select the city Kolkata (the only city showing since there is one time zone for all of India). Then click the button Add Zone and a new line shows up in the main display with the correct time, correctly labeled IST. Click Done. If you Quit the app before saving your modified time zone list, it warns you. I added a number of other time zones, all were correct. You can grab and move a time zone to place it where you want. Linux Mint 20.3 Cinnamon

ImaginaryTotal 2 years ago

Does not work on modern Mint. The timezones are not complete and not properly named (I.E. it doesn't have India Standard Time). The selection screen is broken: Clicking a zone doesn't add it.

aliasviper 4 years ago

Simple and does it's job.

iosonoscrive 8 years ago


MagicMint 8 years ago

Simple but useful when you need it. Too bad that it ignores the locale settings for its interface.

akaawol 12 years ago

It's awesome, Like it says it lists all the time zones you want, but I like that you can customize it. Even name the zones based on your friend's name who lives there.

Twix2247 13 years ago

Allows you to view a list of time zones you choose so you can customize it to your needs slightly, which is helpful for me. Can be viewed in 24 or 12 hr format with date. Simple program that works as asdvertised.