improved dynamic tiling window manager
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Key features of i3 are good documentation, reasonable defaults (changeable in a simple configuration file) and good multi-monitor support. The user interface is designed for power users and emphasizes keyboard usage. i3 uses XCB for asynchronous communication with X11 and aims to be fast and light-weight.

Please be aware i3 is primarily targeted at advanced users and developers.
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s41t0 8 months ago

I have used it for the last 6 years. Any chance of it becoming an official Linux Mint iso?

Scary_Guy 9 months ago

I use it with MATE, but in place of Marco for composition. https://tildeho.me/i3-mate/ has a pretty good tutorial on how to do that.

Poetician 3 years ago

Installed a few weeks ago. (Also install in ArcoLinux). Excellent for workflow. Tiling window manager workspaces and windows cooperate. Floating windows in DE's compete with each other. I''ve added i3blocks, Rofi, Compton, feh. Workspaces are numbered and named. Apps are assigned to them, with a few workspaces for little used apps. There's no switching back now. :)

krause 7 years ago

Great wm!

goetzkluge 7 years ago

Great wm. 1st I configured mate, especially ibus (German, English, Chinese, Japanese). Then I installed I3 using "sudo apt-get install i3 i3status dbus suckless-tools xfce4-appfinder". After logout and then login with I3, the input method selection button shows up in the bottom bar. --- I moved ~/.i3/config to ~/.config/i3/config --- Caja should be called with "caja --no-desktop".

pmandic 8 years ago

Much better than awesome wm imho and more flexible for multiple monitors (aside that it doesn't support compositing well).

insamniac 8 years ago

Ditch yo mouse! Great for multiple monitors and managing a bunch of VMs

jahid_0903014 8 years ago

not a fan