Distraction-free text editor for Markdown
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ghostwriter is a distraction-free text editor for Markdown featuring a live HTML preview as you type, theme creation, focus mode, fullscreen mode, live word count, and document navigation in an aesthetic writing environment. It comes with the cmark-gfm Markdown processor built in, and can integrate with Pandoc, MultiMarkdown, Discount, and cmark processors if they are installed.

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barryedmiston 2 months ago

Nothing intuitive about it. The interface is completely distracting. Nice hype on their home page though.

SebastJava 9 months ago

«Distraction-free», yes, but not missing any feature. There is everything you need. And it looks nice. And it is intuitive. I started using it without reading any user manual.

goebbe 10 months ago

Ghostwriter is an excellent writing tool! It distraction free and really helps you to focus on your text. Highly recommended.

rikerlinux 1 year ago

Excelente pra escrever em Markdown, utilizo pra fazer os roteiros dos vídeos do meu canal e blog, simples porém com recursos o suficiente pra lhe tornar produtivo.

gregblee 2 years ago

Takes the simplicity of a markdown text file and adds the formatting in convenient and unobtrusive manner. A great writing tool, with superb attention to detail. If the flathub file size is an issue, there's also a .deb in the repos.

RoMuu 2 years ago

Simple and effective text editor for markdown

israelcena 2 years ago

Clean, Faster and Awesome. I Love it