Non-linear video editor
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Kdenlive is a non-linear video editing suite, which supports DV, HDV and many more formats. Its main features are:
* Guides and marker for organizing timelines
* Copy and paste support for clips, effects and transitions
* Real time changes
* FireWire and Video4Linux capture
* Screen grabbing
* Exporting to any by FFMPEG supported format
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ichibrosan 3 weeks ago

I am only just learning it now, but already I am very impressed that it uses my powerful LinuxMint workstation resources very well. I did a transcode and it used all 24 of my threads at 100%. This is a good sign. So far I like it. It consumes my iPhone videos wiithout a problem.

janvanveen62 3 weeks ago

Not Working: garbled screen LMDE 4 32bit, use openshot instead.

FinixFighter 3 months ago

My favourite video editor!

NobHill 4 months ago

The new upgrade of 20.04.01 freezes, ruined my plans for projects. Not good to roll out beta test flaws. :-(

rgarand 5 months ago

UPDATE: ersion 17.12.3 works perfectly on mint cinnamon 19.3. Flat still not work....V 15.12.3: Works really great on mint 18.3, do all I want, no crash, quick (uses all 12 cores !), result is clear without distortion. tools are enough for home !

Roger_Whyte 1 year ago

Version 4:15.12.3 is offered as application in Mint 18.3. Unfortunately this is an old version and not fully compatible to Mint 18.3. The latest version 18.12.1b shall be used instead.

yamahacrazy 2 years ago

doesn't save files outside of installed drive. which requires you to move it to where you want to store it. why?

acmdb 2 years ago

Amazing, does what I could not do with any closed-code applications. I must say my professional env. is not multimedia edition, but still, I could do here what I need, whereas with other non open source I could not, or with more difficulties.

Frytole 2 years ago

powerful and stable on my old laptop

jepe 2 years ago

I've been searching for a reliable, cool, sophisticated video editor application for years. KDENLIVE was the last one I tried cause I thought it was meant for KDE environment exclusively, which is not true, it works perfectly in other desktop envs, too.

I tried KDENLIVE on a real project in December 2017, and it worked perfectly, and I could finally abandon Sony Vegas Pro (which I loved!). It took a few hours of learning but it was fun anyway and worth it all the way.
I love KDENLIVE :)

workdaycheese 2 years ago

I have had none of the problems mentioned by others. Works well and did everything I needed it to do.

Willy_ES 2 years ago

Muy bueno y facil de usar.

Ronconi 2 years ago

Completa fácil funcional etc.

barser 2 years ago

increadibly responsive when loading and reasonably easy user interface. You might consider installing some dark themed background like breeze.

KutWrite 3 years ago

It is basically very good. Some bugs had to be overcome. E.g, no text appeared within the balloons that appear when you hover over a button. That text is important, as most graphics aren't self explanatory. Forums didn't help in this case. I figured out that changing the "style" would make the text appear. Other than that kind of thing, it works great!

BazyTrue 3 years ago

Używałem. Nie jest zły.

Tomi1980 3 years ago

a buborékokban nincs megjelenő szöveg magyar nyelven, ezt ha lehet akkor javítsátok, köszönöm

chpicolo 3 years ago

This is the best video editor for Linux, but still lacks better video capture compatibility with DV or analog video capture devices.

delphi 3 years ago

Better than some expensive Windows editors

killcrops 3 years ago

Me agrada mucho