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Kdenlive is a non-linear video editing suite, which supports DV, HDV and many more formats. Its main features are: * Guides and marker for organizing timelines * Copy and paste support for clips, effects and transitions * Real time changes * FireWire and Video4Linux capture * Screen grabbing * Exporting to any by FFMPEG supported format
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davidosunamusic 1 month ago

Me encanta este programa es compatible con muchisimos archivos de video, audio e imagen y ademas la opción de multipantalla es una herramienta que me ahorra demasiado tiempo al editar. Me gustaria que las secuencias pudiesen tener distintos formatos entre si para no tener que salir de un proyecto en horizontal para tener que abrir el otro en vertical pero de resto esta muy bien.

MichaelSouverain 3 months ago

I love this video software. I choose the flatpak version and i'm happy to have the last version in the depot: 23.8.4 :) thanks a lot! Michael

pg82 7 months ago

Great video editor but bad resolution support for small or old devices. Not being able to see bottom part of window workaround is 'view' - 'dock area orientation' - switch to arange in columns.

zack 1 year ago

This is my favorite GNU/linux video editing software, perfect for video editing, my favorite tool is the effects.

OliverStunt 1 year ago

Elegancki, prosty w obsłudze, skuteczny. Przydałoby się tylko więcej informacji o funkcjach (dla nowicjuszy) i może więcej presetów, gotowych efektów - co kto lubi. Zdarzyły mi się tylko dwa crashe i to nie w najnowszej wersji systemu (20.3 Uma), więc nie będę o nich pisał.

Ornelien 1 year ago

Le meilleur logiciel de montage vidéo sur linux très efficace et fonctionne même sur des petites config mais le temps de rendu dépend de la puissance de votre pc. Certaines transitions le font bugguer. Donc le mieux c'est de tester avant les effets et les transitions qui fonctionnent bien pour vous et après vous pouvez y aller

greenzell 2 years ago

Это очень классный редактор. Мне очень понравился

Kalk_Leiste 2 years ago

Selbst diese etwas betagte Version (wer es neuer will, sollte die FlatPak-Version installieren) kodiert mit sehr guter Bildqualität. Schärfe und Farbbrillianz sind (soweit ich es erkennen kann) auf Original-Niveau. Und das, obwohl man maximal eine CFR von 15 auswählen kann. Leider sind die Ausgabeformate strikt auf die festgelegten Fernseh-Formate beschränkt, eine freie Dimensionierung gibt es nicht. Und man keine Marker setzen.Daher nur 4 Sterne. (Getestet unter 19.1 Mate)

yigit_burak 3 years ago

Version in repos is so old, I advise using appimage version from official website

prepman 3 years ago

Brilliant. It works well and easily on MATE 1.24.0 desktop & Mint 20. Couple of superficial points. The GUI is a bit quirky in places. The play controls in the preview panel and dashboard conflict slightly and the file manager could do with folder icons. They don't standout when searching. But no real problem.

ichibrosan 3 years ago

I am only just learning it now, but already I am very impressed that it uses my powerful LinuxMint workstation resources very well. I did a transcode and it used all 24 of my threads at 100%. This is a good sign. So far I like it. It consumes my iPhone videos wiithout a problem.

janvanveen62 3 years ago

Not Working: garbled screen LMDE 4 32bit, use openshot instead.

FinixFighter 3 years ago

My favourite video editor!

NobHill 3 years ago

The new upgrade of 20.04.01 freezes, ruined my plans for projects. Not good to roll out beta test flaws. :-(

rgarand 3 years ago

UPDATE: ersion 17.12.3 works perfectly on mint cinnamon 19.3. Flat still not work....V 15.12.3: Works really great on mint 18.3, do all I want, no crash, quick (uses all 12 cores !), result is clear without distortion. tools are enough for home !

Roger_Whyte 5 years ago

Version 4:15.12.3 is offered as application in Mint 18.3. Unfortunately this is an old version and not fully compatible to Mint 18.3. The latest version 18.12.1b shall be used instead.

yamahacrazy 5 years ago

doesn't save files outside of installed drive. which requires you to move it to where you want to store it. why?

acmdb 5 years ago

Amazing, does what I could not do with any closed-code applications. I must say my professional env. is not multimedia edition, but still, I could do here what I need, whereas with other non open source I could not, or with more difficulties.

Frytole 5 years ago

powerful and stable on my old laptop

jepe 5 years ago

I've been searching for a reliable, cool, sophisticated video editor application for years. KDENLIVE was the last one I tried cause I thought it was meant for KDE environment exclusively, which is not true, it works perfectly in other desktop envs, too.

I tried KDENLIVE on a real project in December 2017, and it worked perfectly, and I could finally abandon Sony Vegas Pro (which I loved!). It took a few hours of learning but it was fun anyway and worth it all the way.
I love KDENLIVE :)