non-linear video editor
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Kdenlive is a non-linear video editing suite, which supports DV, HDV and many more formats. Its main features are:
* Guides and marker for organizing timelines
* Copy and paste support for clips, effects and transitions
* Real time changes
* FireWire and Video4Linux capture
* Screen grabbing
* Exporting to any by FFMPEG supported format
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Roger_Whyte 6 months ago

Version 4:15.12.3 is offered as application in Mint 18.3. Unfortunately this is an old version and not fully compatible to Mint 18.3. The latest version 18.12.1b shall be used instead.

yamahacrazy 11 months ago

doesn't save files outside of installed drive. which requires you to move it to where you want to store it. why?

acmdb 1 year ago

Amazing, does what I could not do with any closed-code applications. I must say my professional env. is not multimedia edition, but still, I could do here what I need, whereas with other non open source I could not, or with more difficulties.

Frytole 1 year ago

powerful and stable on my old laptop

jepe 1 year ago

I've been searching for a reliable, cool, sophisticated video editor application for years. KDENLIVE was the last one I tried cause I thought it was meant for KDE environment exclusively, which is not true, it works perfectly in other desktop envs, too.

I tried KDENLIVE on a real project in December 2017, and it worked perfectly, and I could finally abandon Sony Vegas Pro (which I loved!). It took a few hours of learning but it was fun anyway and worth it all the way.
I love KDENLIVE :)

workdaycheese 1 year ago

I have had none of the problems mentioned by others. Works well and did everything I needed it to do.

Willy_ES 1 year ago

Muy bueno y facil de usar.

Ronconi 1 year ago

Completa fácil funcional etc.

barser 1 year ago

increadibly responsive when loading and reasonably easy user interface. You might consider installing some dark themed background like breeze.

KutWrite 1 year ago

It is basically very good. Some bugs had to be overcome. E.g, no text appeared within the balloons that appear when you hover over a button. That text is important, as most graphics aren't self explanatory. Forums didn't help in this case. I figured out that changing the "style" would make the text appear. Other than that kind of thing, it works great!

BazyTrue 1 year ago

Używałem. Nie jest zły.

Tomi1980 1 year ago

a buborékokban nincs megjelenő szöveg magyar nyelven, ezt ha lehet akkor javítsátok, köszönöm

chpicolo 1 year ago

This is the best video editor for Linux, but still lacks better video capture compatibility with DV or analog video capture devices.

delphi 2 years ago

Better than some expensive Windows editors

killcrops 2 years ago

Me agrada mucho

dibnah 2 years ago

Excellent progrtam on a par with Corel productos. For those with no icon on their buttons run the following in a terminal window sudo apt-get install kde-runtime

KalNine 2 years ago

The icons on the buttons are missing. the buttons are there, you gotta hover over it to get a text explaining what it is (I forgot the tecnical term), you can use it too. But the invisible buttons are not quite appealing to me.

Janni 3 years ago

Quite good after some customization.

darkscrap 3 years ago

Didn't crash like Openshot was doing constantly. Maybe a little complicated at first, but not too overwhelming. Did its job, so I'm happy with it! :-)

Peferling 3 years ago

Current package is corrupt, missing dependencies. Installed package from Authors site, everything is there, but still crashes/freezes. I'm on a dual quad xeno. Sorry, to do video, you gotta do windows.