pixel-based image manipulation program
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Krita is a creative application for raster images. Whether you want to create from scratch or work with existing images, Krita is for you. You can work with photos or scanned images, or start with a blank slate. Krita supports most graphics tablets out of the box.

Krita is different from other graphics design programs in that it has pluggable brush engines, some supporting brush resources like Gimp brush files, others offering sophisticated simulation of real brushes, and others again offering color mixing and image deformations. Moreover, Krita has full support for graphics tablets, including such features as pressure, tilt and rate, making it a great choice for artists. There are easy to use tools for drawing lines, ellipses and rectangles, and the freehand tool is supported by pluggable "drawing assistants" that help you draw shapes that still have a freehand feeling to them.
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pg82 7 months ago

The software is pretty good. The only downgrade I would give it is in usability, but even in this respect is is pretty good compared. Not overly simple, not extremely comvoluted. In my humble opinion this type of software only in very rare cases has excellent usability and intuitive behaviour. If you are a common user of graphic tablets you need to give this a try. I would rate it as the best available software for balanced amount of ability or balance of usability vs function.

SergeantBL 2 years ago

It's the old version. Download the flatpak.

FinixFighter 2 years ago

My favourite software for digital painting and image editing.

sebRomeo 2 years ago

This is my favorite illustration tool! Better than photoshop

coitus 2 years ago

Out of date. Get the Flathub version.

hatsunemiku 2 years ago

Krita version 4.3 has been release when you gonna update guys?

Luna-Urquiola 3 years ago

Versão desatualizada que contem apenas um idioma, sendo o ingles norte americano, não vale a pena a instalação, vale a pena procurar baixar pelos repositórios direto do site

katsumi 3 years ago

Good one!

clumsybrock 3 years ago

Brush controls are cool. Pre-installed brushes are also great. A specific brush for two-colour dithering - can you imagine that? Unfortunately random crashes and freezes and limitations (e.g. on palette control) forced me to stop using the app. Also some layer/object controls are conter-intuitive. Good luck to the creators, you're going in right direction! Hopefully in a year or so I will update the review to give more stars.

mintbird 3 years ago

A powerful app for creating raster images. The developers stay on top of improvements and bugfixes. It keeps getting better. For creating digital art, Krita is a serious rival to Photoshop, with full cmyk support.

scanff 3 years ago

love it, it's photoshop for linux. WAY better than gimp.

karpiu 4 years ago

Cool! But you need to manualy install krita-l10n to have other languages

Cortek29 4 years ago

Awesome ! Just a bug on install about languages "$ sudo apt-get install krita-l10n kexi-data calligra-data" repair it.

alex_tengu 4 years ago

Awesome app! Besides, the screenshot is too old... don't worry, there is the latest cool version.

cliffjones 5 years ago

It shows INSTALLED but can find it anywhere

nepali 5 years ago

Krita has replaced Photoshop and Painter. Thank you so much for making tools like this!

Anda 5 years ago

Neat and used for "Pepper and Carot"

chpicolo 5 years ago

Very cool painting software. But still not the best photo retouching software for Linux.

zulfiirfany 5 years ago

awesome software, but have a little with my system :'(

fliptopbox 6 years ago

Long live the king!