fast and lightweight desktop summoner/launcher
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Kupfer is a summoner/launcher in the style of Quicksilver or GNOME Do. It can search and browse your files, launch desired applications and object you need in a quicker way.

Kupfer is written in Python 3 and has a flexible architecture based on plugins to extend its features.
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kyrillosnagy 8 years ago

Great too .. recommended

isomage 8 years ago

Good for Gnome

fedir 8 years ago

Great App !

Tinu 8 years ago

Wer diesen Programmstarter nicht installiert hat ist selber schuld. Ich kenne keinen einfacheren Starter für die viel benutzten Programme.

systec 9 years ago

Doesn't work properly for me. Will give gnome-do a try.

tosim 10 years ago

Positively must have!

prefersummer2 10 years ago

This didn't work too well for me. Both Gnome-do and Synaptic worked much better.

RytronII 10 years ago

A must have!

ALF-Berlin 10 years ago

Nachteile: kein Vollbildmodus, wenig Anzeigefläche von mitten auf dem Bildschirm nach unten, zeigt nicht die Eingabe, zeigt Alternativen nur nach Drücken der Pfleil-nach-unten-Taste, zeigt nur wenige Alternativen, startet Webseiten nur im Firefox

mlsmith 11 years ago

Very fast! This is my favorite key-based launcher.

whysoyjuan 11 years ago

Es un buen lanzador,es rapido y con muchos complementos pero me quedo con gnome-do que me gusta mas la interface y aparte que en kupfer no veo la opcion de acceder a las preferencias desde el lanzador sino que tiene que ser desde el icono de notificacion o con una combinacion de teclas.Por lo demas genial...pienso que para equipos de potencia media/baja es mas que perfecto..tiene mas productividad que elegancia en su diseño.

OnesimusUnbound 11 years ago

good application launcher that will prioritize the frequently used application. Can search for file.

blueXrider 11 years ago

works very well in KDE

fooquit 11 years ago

Fast, flexible and powerful launcher. Lighter and more featureful than Gnome Do.

hessam 11 years ago

5* Simple & Powerfull

Inoki 11 years ago

This has proven to be extremely useful and works. Saves you ample time while working. Don't know where your files are located but you know their name? Kupfer finds them for you, with a few keystrokes you're editing / viewing / playing your files in no time!

SeventhReign 11 years ago

It has some neat features that make it superior to gnome-do.

opensas 11 years ago

simply put, just can't live without it

dardevelin 11 years ago

Very good, lightweight and fast application. Works seamless with the system.

Ymer 11 years ago

i just got from windows a week ago.... this is just perfect"er" than launchy... as anything good in windows compared to linux xD