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LibreOffice is a full-featured office productivity suite that provides a near drop-in replacement for Microsoft(R) Office.

This package contains the presentation component for LibreOffice.
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mikefreeman72 3 years ago

ALWAYS crashes when adding (with preview) or viewing the second OpenGL slide transition. First one works perfectly. Second one, BAM! Crashes

bucky927 4 years ago

Good for simple presentations. Can't add audio.

jastombaugh 5 years ago

I've prepared 52 presentations per year since 2005. Keynote was great... but when I broke free of the iChains to jump elsewhere, I found that Apple's propriotary file formats didn't port well. (Apple only supports Apple... if you keep buying their new hardware) MS's PowerPoint was pretty handy. Impress lacks the animations/transitions Apple users depend on, and lacks the raw power of PowerPoint (IMHO), but it does do something that these other packages hadn't been able to deliver... By shifting the focus to the content, rather than the presentation, it forced me to actually have something worth saying. Slides went from hogging the lesson to illustrating the lesson. It also forced me to become creative in building my own artwork, instead of relying on a preset of 'California Designer Approved' art. Each update seems to open up new features. Simple and straight forward, remains a wonderful replacement for other major presentation software packages. If I HAD to find a gripe, it would be with the presenter notes feature that could use a little polish. Overall, I've found that my Impress docs are a smaller file size than my PowerPoint docs ever were. Scoring 5 all day long with this one! Thank you, LibreOffice crew! The short description above doesn't do this amazing package justice!

xSquid 5 years ago


Knezev87 5 years ago

Odličan za prezentaciju

imperator 6 years ago


hml200107 7 years ago

5 Best

iosonoscrive 7 years ago

The best The best

lib2know 8 years ago

Impress has less functions then powerpoint which is a huge advantage:

  • focuse to the content
  • it forces more simplicity
  • you will save time
  • listeners to the presentation get less dizzy
  • your employees spent more time on their tasks but playing powerpoint
  • first step to migration to freeware is made
stay with powerpoint if you really need to:
  • pretend to know more than you really do
  • your presentation focuses on your presentation abilities not the content
  • your subject is not interesting enough and you need special features to keep the auditory awake (when blender is of better use than powerpoint)

LinuxMinz 8 years ago

Fits my needs. Propably not state of the art.

warlock3 8 years ago

Easy to use

josefg 8 years ago

I use it for all my presentations, but usually export to PDF as not all conference computers have LibreOffice installed.

warlock2 8 years ago

Works great.

flasdik 8 years ago

Not so good functional and optimization.

michelsaey 8 years ago

Works good enough

Philip12 9 years ago


callmegus 9 years ago

in my current version , slow and laggy

quake0 10 years ago


QreAtop_R3BaCk 10 years ago


sujitnag 10 years ago

good try