easy-to-use, scalable distributed version control system
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Mercurial is a fast, lightweight Source Control Management system designed for efficient handling of very large distributed projects.

Its features include: * O(1) delta-compressed file storage and retrieval scheme * Complete cross-indexing of files and changesets for efficient exploration of project history * Robust SHA1-based integrity checking and append-only storage model * Decentralized development model with arbitrary merging between trees * High-speed HTTP-based network merge protocol * Easy-to-use command-line interface * Integrated stand-alone web interface * Small Python codebase

This package contains the architecture dependent files.
Latest reviews
FiretronP75 10 years ago

The best version control system!

bamanzi 11 years ago

I like mercurial and bitbucket!

bblonski 11 years ago

Great dvcs. Easier to pick up than git (especially if you are used to svn), although perhaps not as powerful. Has much better support on windows so use if you plan on doing any cross platform development.

loloof64 12 years ago

Very easy to use and for working with already existing repositories

desecheo 12 years ago

Easy to use and gets the job done!

DaneAU 12 years ago

very good, easy to use and makes management of sources easy

farnaby 12 years ago

Easy to use and works flawlessly so far.

ozcar 12 years ago

Used Mercurial to download the entire 700 Mb of Google's font directory. Simply followed the directions at except used Software Manager to install Mercury. Quite easy. Thanks.

notyourbuddy 12 years ago

Being new to Linux and coming from Window's Subversion Tortoise I thought I might run into trouble... but this versioning system is so easy to setup and use that I don't even bother grabbing a GUI frontend for it. Checking out, commits, branches, and merges etc are such a breeze. Love it so much I even ditched Subversion in favor of Mercurial + command prompt when I need to work from a Windows machine!

bikrus 12 years ago

Agree. Nice DVCS.

digiter 12 years ago

simple to use

bst2 13 years ago


drr00t 13 years ago

It's much more easy than git to startup.

Laan 13 years ago

Its my favorite versioning system

traherom 13 years ago

Great distributed version control. Simple. I recommend BitBucket for repos

andrei 13 years ago

A nice DVCS