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Favorite software:
"Easy to setup and use. However, while I had no problem connecting desktop->laptop...when I tried the other way around all I could see was the desktop's background showing (no icons, menu, windows, etc). So if you have an older integrated gfx card (??) you might run into some problems using it as a client. Oh well. (and for those wondering this is better than the standard tightvnc viewer imo)"
"If you use gdb for your debugging I highly recommend this frontend. Its exactly like gdb except it splits the screen with the executing source code always displayed on top. Makes debugging a lot easier and runs right inside the terminal like gdb."
"My favorite cross-platform build system by a country mile. I just love the output from the Makefile when compiling. Very simple, color-coded, human-readable output. And its progress notifications during compilation are irreplaceable (especially for large projects) so much so that I even use CMake for my Qt projects."
"Looks great and from my brief usage it appeared to work flawlessy. Does everything you'd want and its a nice easy to use GUI. I still use the curses-gui because I prefer the terminal rather than have an extra app running, but if you prefer a full-fledged GUI this is great."
"My fav program for configuring my cmake based projects since it gives access to both basic and advanced settings without the need to ever leave the terminal or memorize a bunch of settings flags"
"Multiple tabs. Horizontal and vertical splits. Whats not to like?"
"Very powerful with lots of addons/customizability. Comes with a console version (VIM) and a GUI version (GVIM). It's modular hotkey system definitely takes a while to get used to (thankfully VIM comes with a nice interactive tutorial), but once I did I noticed a dramatic improvement in my work efficiency (programmer). I also tried the competing EMACS but found its CTRL+ hotkey system to be too strenous on my fingers and wrists. Vim all the way."
"Long time chromium user - no longer. Opera provides the simplicity of chrome with the customization and maturity of firefox"
"By far the easiest to setup e-mail client. Only complaint is you have to manually add a "minimize-to-tray" addon (but thankfully thats easy to do)."
"Being new to Linux and coming from Window's Subversion Tortoise I thought I might run into trouble... but this versioning system is so easy to setup and use that I don't even bother grabbing a GUI frontend for it. Checking out, commits, branches, and merges etc are such a breeze. Love it so much I even ditched Subversion in favor of Mercurial + command prompt when I need to work from a Windows machine!"