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Home directory backup tool
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73 reviews

Easily backup and restore your personal data and your software selection.

User reviews:
1 week ago

5 I always had to struggle with it because it got stuck during "Calculating...", but now with Linux Mint 18.2 it works really fine. It also needs a lot of time for calculating when I back up "/" (of course without /media/backupdrive), but without getting stuck. After this it does it job really nice and wonderful, and without needing root privileges!
2 weeks ago

1 THIS DOES NOT WORK ...!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
7 months ago

1 LM 18.1, backing up %home directory, doesn't work at all, even run as gksudo. Spends a couple minutes "calculating" then hangs and does nothing. Not real useful.
7 months ago

2 Bug avec la sauvegarde des paquets
8 months ago

1 It backs up the list of software fine, but that is all it is able to do. It won’t backup anything else. It simply hangs up when trying to backup files.
10 months ago

1 Didn't worked for me, but I have only about 30 packages. Too many negative responses, why do you don't fix this or remove it at all?
11 months ago

3 Needs the ability to backup to Network drives and external media. This is an essential feature for setups that involve a network backup setup.
1 year ago

1 LM17 to LM18. If you have too many packages (say 1700) it fails with NO indication what the problem is. I cut the list into 3 pieces and at least it would load, but then it said things were broken and I needed to fix them -- what? where? how???
1 year ago

1 I love the concept, but so far I cannot get it to complete a backup. Hangs on zero byte file lastpassffplugin or some such. I'm using Mint 17.0 MATE edition. Perhaps this has been fixed by 17.3, will try again after upgrade.
1 year ago

1 Hangs forever on calculating checksum. Such a shame because the backup program is really essential. Developer please take effort to let it work good
1 year ago

3 Simple with few options, but will indeed backup all files in Home to allow restoration, although that can also be done via a file manager as well. However this is guided and maybe safer. Also backs up the list of applications and will reinstall them on a new OS, but that function is unwieldly; the list of apps grows to dozens due to minor preinstalled apps. Whereas you may have installed 3-4 apps in addition to what came with Linux Mint, this backup tool will backup all 50 apps that available. To reinstall your 3-4 apps, you have to check those apps individually from the list of 50+. No provision for any backup of Linux system config files in /etc.
1 year ago

3 It woudn't work for me. Thanks
1 year ago

3 Lacks user friendlyness. -1 Lacks accessible documentation -1 Advertised as performing backup and restore of personal data and your software selection.+1
1 year ago

2 Do not work from command line, even using .mintbackup files as arguments. Use DejaDup or Rsync better.
2 years ago

5 Does all i need it to do. works great.
2 years ago

5 Works as it should. 64bit, 17.1
2 years ago

5 This backup manager is awesome thanks to its software-list backup feature!
2 years ago

3 works well if I back up the file system without my huge home folder and make it a compressed archive. works for software selection as well. doesn't work for the entire file system with default settings unless you shutdown and run the program in a live system.
2 years ago

1 Ditto all the negative. I also found that it installed hidden fuse files that cannot be removed short of reformatting the backup media (no, root priviledges didn't work).
2 years ago

3 I wouldn’t use it for personal data, but it worked evidently for the software selection.
2 years ago

1 After calculating around 30 minutes it starts backing up but after around 10% the screen gets black and the notebook automatically reboots. This happens every time and with different options and folders. (Linux Mint Cinnamon Rebecca on Lenovo S206 backing up to external USB disk).
2 years ago

2 On system backup after 25% of files: Checks the sum of /inhibit/4.ref forever. To small? File name not recognised? Seems useless for system backups to me...
2 years ago

3 Backup took about 20-30 minutes. To restore those same files, 8 hours in and half way through. Otherwise its simple. Mint 15 to 17
2 years ago

4 needed
3 years ago

1 title is deceptive - wouldn't work for me
3 years ago

2 I have no idea if it works, but the UI is so discouraging I don't even want to try it. A real backup solution will allow me to select include rules and exclude rules, and then do a time-machine style backup to one or more specified locations. And password protect the backups.
3 years ago

2 mintbackup v 2.1.3 freezes. Running from command line shows an error in Python code.
3 years ago

2 Freezes creating even a simple home directory archive. From searching the web, this has been a widespread issue for at least three years-- you'd think there'd be a fix or workaround by now. Nice interface but clearly deeply flawed.
3 years ago

1 Failed on Olivia (my wife's laptop) to output an installed software list, until I finally found the file in the / directory, not the one I selected. REALLY REALLY BAD.
3 years ago

1 mintbackup v 2.1.3 becomes unresponsive about 1min into calculation phase (progress bar ping pong chokes, and the app can be closed by just clicking 'close' - wierd), but not a complete crash. top says it's process is still running, but not a zombie. on machine with ASUS z9PE D8 WS, 2x xeon 2680v2, 64 GB ram, 2 x 500GB samsung evo, nvidia quadro k5000. Mint 16. backing from 1 of the ssd's to a lacie d2 quadra. No evidence that this is just slow - but what concerns me is that mint doesn't seem to detect any red flags. There are no logs. I'm at a loss and can say little more than mintbackup seems to be troubled.
3 years ago

2 It's a shame it doesn't end up doing anything. It has such a nice, simple interface.
3 years ago

1 Total CRAP!
3 years ago

1 Broken in 16
3 years ago

1 So why dont that fix the damn thing !?
3 years ago

1 Doesn't work. Stops responding once calculating begins. Doesn't matter how long you leave it.
3 years ago

1 Fails from the start, why include it with the distro?
3 years ago

1 Total Junk
3 years ago

1 Does not work. Crashes when selecting source backup folder.
3 years ago

1 Hangs up when backing up my home folder. It seems like the problem is with the hidden .\truecrypt folder but I could not find any way to exclude this. I am looking for another solution.
3 years ago

1 Run the backups as per the 'how to upgrade' forum post and to a new partition on an external USB. Everything seemed fine. but after the upgrade, when i tried to reinstall the data and the software.. nada. there was nothing there.
3 years ago

3 Its backup options no longer working on Petra
3 years ago

1 this thing does not work!! I have to uninstall it because it'd broke mintupdate. If you want a personal data backup use the classic "Copy Paste", and for packages backup i recommend APTonCD.
3 years ago

1 Muito lento!
4 years ago

2 Does not works properly, unaddressed BUG from 2011
4 years ago

2 i never succes to restore the backup with this file.
4 years ago

3 Hi there! I clicked Install & there is not response... Pls advise how to install it. Novice to Linux. Thanks!
4 years ago

5 Great!!!!!!
4 years ago

3 very fundamental, needs work
4 years ago

3 It has a good feature set but lacks scheduling automatic backup and incremental backups. One great thing about it is that it can save a list of installed packages so you it can reinstall them.
4 years ago

3 Took a few tries to get past some rough spots. If you use amazon mp3 download service, mintbackup will hang on your .amazonmp3/pipe fifo structure, so be sure to exclude it.
4 years ago

4 pratique pour les sauvegardes
5 years ago

1 I think it does not work for releases after 11 Katya. There's probably a good reason for this but, if so, why is it included with 13 Maya (Mate anyway - have not trie Cinnamon yet.
5 years ago

1 Tried it and didnt get past "calculating"
5 years ago

2 Everytime I upgrade a system the same problem: mintbackup freezes up while backing up files :(
5 years ago

1 does not work properly and without errors
5 years ago

5 As a "Home directory backup tool" works perfectly.
5 years ago

3 Love the simple interface and the option to backup software. But I can't really use it until it allows backups to network drives
5 years ago

5 Excelente para cuando necesitamos hacer una reinstalación o sufrimos de pérdidas de datos o de software ;)
5 years ago

4 Use to backup to USB Stick
5 years ago

4 works well
6 years ago

4 Good.
6 years ago

5 Great Backup app with Application Selection
6 years ago

3 nice tool.
6 years ago

3 Easy to use, but can take a long time if you have significant amounts of data. Also would be good if it could be synced and could make incremental back ups
6 years ago

4 Cumple, pero seria mas completo si los respaldos fueran automaticos y programables
6 years ago

5 Finally a back-up program that does what's it supposed to do, nothing more or less! The only thing I miss is a function to synchronize with your back-ups.
6 years ago

4 good home directory backup program.
6 years ago

4 Although this is a very good tool, it still needs some serious polishing. Sure, it would be awesome if you could schedule file backups, database exports or even allow remote management, simpler things would also be welcome. Backing up the home folder is cool but with so many hidden folder it would be nice if we could have multiple options wheter we want to restore/ignore the hidden folders and based on that option to specify the exception(s). This two-step feature for hidden folders would make it much easier to backup/restore exactly what is needed. The main issue with restoring bulk hidden folders is replacing newly installed files with old settings when the user doesn't want that. Anyway, I'll eagerly wait newer version of this tool. :)
6 years ago

5 Just what I needed.
6 years ago

2 Habe es gebraucht .. sorry nein danke.
7 years ago

2 The simple interface is great, however, it lacks the ability to do scheduled or automatic backups, nor can you use it to backup to an internet location.
7 years ago

3 I love the software selection backup. But for backing up the home directory, Déjà Dup gives more options.
7 years ago

5 This is a great tool for Linux Mint. My windows machine can't do these simple things.