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Easily backup and restore your personal data and your software selection.
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Str8gamE 1 day ago

this is more like a script and less like a software.. it's title says, "backup apps and files" but its more like "backup apps and home directory"

borgward 2 years ago

Lacks documentation. Had to bother a lot of people to find out how to use it. Not able to start from Terminal with sudo. I first tried it on my extra laptop so that I would not hurt my daily driver. It did work.

harrygrey 2 years ago

Works up to < 4.7GB. More than that and you get a black error page with no content. The programme is useless for today's storage volumes. Cannot be uninstalled.

beitme 2 years ago

It doesn't work.

LSEM 5 years ago

I used to use it, but look like it is not working anymore.

webwrx 5 years ago

A basic backup/restore of your home folder it does the job well for a simple tool included with the operating system. I've used it for ad-hoc backups and used the restore function after upgrading my HDD for reinstalling the system, and the home directory backup / restore worked fine. I found the "Software selection" backup doesn't work at all. I also find the default backup location to /Documents/Backups/ to be confusing. I'm sure most people would want to back up to an external device such as a USB HDD.... so just a minor thing to keep in mind to change this when using. Now I'm settling into my new system I will probably replace this with something that can run on a schedule.

slackjp 5 years ago

Reminder: On external drives (FAT / windows formatted) use a tar.gz format. Otherwise you will not restore file/folder attributes and you will complain about MintBackup. It should be explained as the most important option (set as default).

smithgrowl 6 years ago

Really easy to use but the recent complete rewrite skipped two crucial features. This backup app ignores two key aspects of backup strategy: scheduled, unattended backups and offsite backup. Add scheduling and the ability to backup to FTP, S3, Google Cloud, Rackspace, etc and I'll revise my rating.

DKLM 6 years ago

Good idea but misses lots of important details: 1) destination selector does not list network resource bookmarks (e.g. NAS) as long as they are not activated. 2) if selecting a network resource as destination the selection dialog does not allow to select sub-folders. *hmpf* The backup is just placed into the network share's root. 3) no scheduling function. -- In general: would be great to have a propper integration of the network resource bookmarks and and have it wake them up if needed!

Caltrop 6 years ago

could be better

benediktneumayr 6 years ago

I always had to struggle with it because it got stuck during "Calculating...", but now with Linux Mint 18.2 it works really fine. It also needs a lot of time for calculating when I back up "/" (of course without /media/backupdrive), but without getting stuck. After this it does it job really nice and wonderful, and without needing root privileges!

chidonna 6 years ago

THIS DOES NOT WORK ...!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

elligator 7 years ago

LM 18.1, backing up %home directory, doesn't work at all, even run as gksudo. Spends a couple minutes "calculating" then hangs and does nothing. Not real useful.

cmoi 7 years ago

Bug avec la sauvegarde des paquets

LloydHayes 7 years ago

It backs up the list of software fine, but that is all it is able to do. It won’t backup anything else. It simply hangs up when trying to backup files.

dknight 7 years ago

Didn't worked for me, but I have only about 30 packages. Too many negative responses, why do you don't fix this or remove it at all?

editor321 7 years ago

Needs the ability to backup to Network drives and external media. This is an essential feature for setups that involve a network backup setup.

RPeters52 7 years ago

LM17 to LM18. If you have too many packages (say 1700) it fails with NO indication what the problem is. I cut the list into 3 pieces and at least it would load, but then it said things were broken and I needed to fix them -- what? where? how???

JA_Morrow 7 years ago

I love the concept, but so far I cannot get it to complete a backup. Hangs on zero byte file lastpassffplugin or some such. I'm using Mint 17.0 MATE edition. Perhaps this has been fixed by 17.3, will try again after upgrade.

philsdutchie 7 years ago

Hangs forever on calculating checksum. Such a shame because the backup program is really essential. Developer please take effort to let it work good