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Health Imaging Professional. Computer Hobbyist.
Using (trying to) Linux (Mint) for productivity and professional duties.

Barcelona, Catalonia, lang=ca_ES
Linux Mint 8-16.0 Matecheeky, ex-LMDE sad, Slackware since 1994smiley, (even Gentoo, only if  strictly required as on Sun-Sparc; I'm not a Ricer)
MacOSx, AmigaOS, Unixes HP/Sun/ATT, Mac Os, MS-Win, DR-DOS, GEM, MS-DOS, even CP/M, Sinclair Spectrum, and Oasis (aka, Theos).

After several 'accidental professional events', I became a kind of guinea-pig in new computer technologies and imaging since 1980.

I've learned that technologies may advance: We transmitted medical images by sattelite by 1990: It even required to modify the TCP-IP parameters to allow extraterrestial communications usign geo-stationary satellites (@2 Mbit/sec). First time ever ?

Technology may regress: I was an user of the European broadband prototype ATM network (1994-1996). An international broadband connection at 160 Mbit/sec to my desk by 1994. Bidirectional. 80 times faster than the Spanish Internet connection at that moment (0.512->2.0Mbit/sec).
Now my ASDL I still something slower.

Keep smiling

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"Reminder: On external drives (FAT / windows formatted) use a tar.gz format. Otherwise you will not restore file/folder attributes and you will complain about MintBackup. It should be explained as the most important option (set as default)."
"Fast. Safe. Clean, And it allows to sync my 800+ favorites (and notes) between mac, linux, windows and phones. I also use FF3+sync but just for zotero an awesome bibliography plug-in tool (FF only). Catalan language: I did an unofficial translation 4 years ago (, now a bit outdated"