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MATE Edition
2019-01-22 13:25:08

Health Imaging Professional. Computer Hobbyist.
Using (trying to) Linux (Mint) for productivity and professional duties.

Barcelona, Catalonia, lang=ca_ES
Linux Mint 8-16.0 Matecheeky, ex-LMDE sad, Slackware since 1994smiley, (even Gentoo, only if  strictly required as on Sun-Sparc; I'm not a Ricer)
MacOSx, AmigaOS, Unixes HP/Sun/ATT, Mac Os, MS-Win, DR-DOS, GEM, MS-DOS, even CP/M, Sinclair Spectrum, and Oasis (aka, Theos).

After several 'accidental professional events', I became a kind of guinea-pig in new computer technologies and imaging since 1980.

I've learned that technologies may advance: We transmitted medical images by sattelite by 1990: It even required to modify the TCP-IP parameters to allow extraterrestial communications usign geo-stationary satellites (@2 Mbit/sec). First time ever ?

Technology may regress: I was an user of the European broadband prototype ATM network (1994-1996). An international broadband connection at 160 Mbit/sec to my desk by 1994. Bidirectional. 80 times faster than the Spanish Internet connection at that moment (0.512->2.0Mbit/sec).
Now my ASDL I still something slower.

Keep smiling

Hardware devices
Device Release
Optiplex 780
Dell 2x Intel(R) Core(TM)2 Duo CPU E7500 @ 2.93GHz, Works perfectly
Mint (older version)
Optiplex 620
Dell 2x Intel(R) Pentium(R) Dual CPU T2390 @ 1.86GHz, Works perfectly
Mint (older version)
Athlon 1800+
Non-Brand AMD, Works perfectly
Mint (older version)
Optiplex GX 260 SFF and desktop
Dell Desktop computer, Works perfectly
Mint (older version)
Portege r200
Toshiba Laptop or Netbook, Works perfectly
Mint (older version)
775 dual-VSTA Core2 duo E5200
ASRock PC, Works perfectly
Mint (older version)
Optiplex GX 260 destop
Dell PC, Works perfectly
Mint (older version)
Software reviews
Software Score
"Reminder: On external drives (FAT / windows formatted) use a tar.gz format. Otherwise you will not restore file/folder attributes and you will complain about MintBackup. It should be explained as the most important option (set as default)."
"Fast. Safe. Clean, And it allows to sync my 800+ favorites (and notes) between mac, linux, windows and phones. I also use FF3+sync but just for zotero an awesome bibliography plug-in tool (FF only). Catalan language: I did an unofficial translation 4 years ago (, now a bit outdated"