Development Environment for GNOME
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MonoDevelop is a GNOME IDE primarily designed for C# and other CLI (.NET) languages. It is the unbranded version of Xamarin Studio.

It supports the following languages: C, C++, C# (1.0, 2.0 and 3.0), Vala, Boo, Java, Nemerle, ILasm, ASP.NET and VB.NET.

Features: Debugger Integration (Mono Debugger and GNU Debugger), Class Browser, Assembly Browser, Built-in Help, Monodoc Integration, Code Completion (also known as IntelliSense), Code Folding, Color Schemes, Code Refactoring, On-the-fly error underlining, XML Editing, Embedded HTML viewer, Gettext support, GTK# Designer, MSBuild project support and Makefile Generation.
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dartomic 2 years ago

I don't actually hate this IDE, but it is no longer being developed. I read someone mention on the github page for this that development was shut down for it, and moved to the Apple version of Visual Studio. You can still write C# apps with GUIs, but there's no point, as it will never recieve any C# language features introduced since the last version of this was released. If you like using C#, and want a similar experience that this app should offer, then I recommend using Visual Studio Code, Glade, and writing in the Vala language instead. But pretty much any IDE still being maintained is a better choice than bothering with this IDE at all now.

Gecko64 2 years ago

I wanted to dev C# on Linux Mint 20.2 but it doesn't work. A friend meet the same problem...

lem0nify 6 years ago

NaruTrey отстой

Felladrin 7 years ago

Nice IDE for C#. We need to install it to be able to run MonoDeveloper from Unity3D.

fabricI0 8 years ago

I wouldn't recommend this IDE to anybody; if you want it to work properly in mint then you need to mess a lot with your system by uninstalling and installing lots of dependencies, which can lead to inestability. Install it under your own risk!

kpratama24 8 years ago

nice IDE!

aslanncanerr 8 years ago

Şu anlık iyi gibi ama eksikleri var yinede

cnua 8 years ago

now i like it cause it runs straight out of the box; first impressinos good on linux mint cinnamo9n

NaruTrey 8 years ago

C# отстой

kayo 8 years ago

IDE is great. But DO NOT INSTALL using this package - install using mono-complete.

eltonbicalho 8 years ago

Beyond my expectations!

amithreat 8 years ago

CodeBlock is much better IDE than this.

maxkoryukov 8 years ago

Very good IDE, but some pretty features are broken in 5.9..

mvtaras 8 years ago

as stated by duvg7 if it doesn't work in Mint 17.1 after installation run in terminal "sudo apt-get install libmono-cairo2.0-cil" and works great! Thanks duvg7!

luisbraganca 8 years ago

It's really nice for small programs, but when using .NET the output is different from the output when using visual studio on windows.

nelfer 9 years ago

While the package is great, this is missing the cairo library (so that it can run) and the compiler (so that you can compile programs). I just don't know why they don't put it as a dependency (Literally the program cannot open without the cairo library)

Rijo 9 years ago

Veryyy good ide !!!

Xennan 9 years ago

The power of .NET in Linux. The best IDE for Linux.

DiggenDigga 9 years ago

Die beste C# IDE für Linux und überhaupt!

aroneasadas 9 years ago

Best ide for linux