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file manager and graphical shell for Cinnamon
44 reviews

Nemo is the official file manager for the Cinnamon desktop. It allows to browse directories, preview files and launch applications associated with them. It is also responsible for handling the icons on the Cinnamon desktop. It works on local and remote filesystems.

Several icon themes and components for viewing different kinds of files are available in separate packages.

User reviews:

1 month ago
5 Complete

4 months ago
5 fast and reliable. works amazing on Linux Mint Mate. I don't know why it says "for cinnamon desktop"

8 months ago
5 I don't know why the rating is so low? I don't understand what an average user needs in a file manager? It is the CLEANEST file manager on Linux till now.

1 year ago
5 My favorite

1 year ago
3 Needs more power options and customizability. Also, strange behaviour just noted - when editing bookmarks, deleting defaults from "My Computer" such as Videos, Photos, Music etc causes custom bookmarks under "Bookmarks" to jump up into "My Computer". Which is fine, I wanted to put them there anyway ;)

1 year ago
5 Best!

2 years ago
3 Eh, Thunar is better...

2 years ago
4 Very good!

2 years ago
5 Configurable, rajout de script... Très bien

2 years ago
5 best, best, best!

2 years ago
5 Estupendo gestor de archivos

2 years ago
1 LM 18 cant copy to droid phone hangs freeze system for a bit

2 years ago
3 SD cards (USB sticks) mount as read only, other users report this bug but not all people. I have to open it using "sudo nemo" every time, which is not logical since it unlocks everything.

2 years ago
3 LM 18 Cin problem with symlink to a different partition, file not removable to trash

3 years ago
4 Nice! Need create link to desktop fir every type of file.

3 years ago
3 works good, but i still like nautilus

3 years ago
2 Nice file manager, but why o why there is no send to option

3 years ago
5 Thanks to the developers - nice, pretty and of course STABLE fork of nautilus for Cinnamon - use it on LM 17.3beta-Rosa

3 years ago
4 Fine piece of SW. Light-weight, nice looking, easy to use. Especially like two features: OPEN IN NEW TAB instead in new window and drag'n'drop to tab's title bar. As former Windows user there's one feature that I miss. When renaming multiple files/folders included in one folder i have to right click on file/folder, pres R (or navigate to RENAME) each time. Pressing TAB after the initial RENAME would make things much eassier. Thanks for the app and keep with the great work folks. Cheers!

3 years ago
3 PRO: Great on the basics as a file manager, search, (u)mount +3 CON: Lacks accessible Documentation -1 Columns do not stay adjusted to user settings, must be reset everytime Nemo is reopened. Nautilus worked in this area. -1 I can upgrade this, if proper changes are made known to me.

3 years ago
5 отличный

3 years ago
5 I love the split panel. Best file manager.

3 years ago
4 has grown up, but still Dolphin is more powerful

3 years ago
4 I like it, very good file manager.

3 years ago
3 Very nice UI, but I depend on emblems and caja-actions .

3 years ago
4 One of the best file managers, has a lot going for it, it's still young, but it does more than most

4 years ago
4 Overall, nemo is a solid file manager, and is now my default oin my laptop (dolphin on my desktop - they're both great). I previously reported (mistakenly) that nemo's default dating for one of my copy-overs was today's date, which screwed up ALL dates when copying over backup files, before I noticed it. I retract this previous criticism about the file dates, as it now appears that this was due instead to my own script file, which, for some forgotten reason, I had changed the "cp" command parameters for some work I was doing, and forgot to change it back again. This occurred at the same time that I had switched from dolphin to nemo file manager. Sorry about that!

4 years ago
5 Overall a great manager. Search could use some filtering options though

4 years ago
4 A file manager is a matter of taste, and (Rebecca’s) nemo is a perfect fit for me. Since Gnome had sunk the Nautilus, it captain took over, definitely. But the new submarine is still somewhat leaky :-(

4 years ago
5 It do what a file manager suppose to do

4 years ago
2 Pretty, some nice features, not speedy, lots of bugs and crashes far too often.

4 years ago
5 Nice file manager, works very fine.

4 years ago
2 It’s Caja for Cinamon. Still no useable search functions.

4 years ago
5 Great

4 years ago
4 very good

4 years ago
5 My favourite file manager

4 years ago
4 It need "open Item Location" in search. Thanks

4 years ago
4 It works, never had problems

5 years ago
3 Side bar with unmount buttons rocks. Networking works. Ctrl-X Ctrl-V doesn't work between windows. Thumbnails of photos don't work.

5 years ago
4 _Thank you_ for Nemo. I really hope you'll _not_ follow Gnome's Nautilus. . Now I have to test Nemo ;-)

5 years ago
1 memory leaks, crashing frequently, slow and buggy unfortunately :( for now I'm going to use Nautilus until the bugs get worked out with this :)

5 years ago
5 I Love nemo file manager. it integrates perfectly with cinnamon, it's easy to use and it have great options for power users.

5 years ago
2 Latest so-called stable version still has memory leak isuues. That is not good.

5 years ago
5 The more I use it and discover details in there for the power user, the more I love it. Thank you.