File manager and graphical shell for Cinnamon
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Nemo is the official file manager for the Cinnamon desktop. It allows to browse directories, preview files and launch applications associated with them. It is also responsible for handling the icons on the Cinnamon desktop. It works on local and remote filesystems.

Several icon themes and components for viewing different kinds of files are available in separate packages.
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SalvoRubino 2 days ago

Sencerely... the best filemanager! I use Nemo on every distro because, differently from others, Nemo is: solid, simple by default, enable desktop usage and is really fast. With new updates, nemo is a complete filemanager that haven't competitors. It looks elegant and beautiful oob but, if you want, you can easily change some settings. Nemo can respect my workflow and accelerate my dayli operations. I advice to use it in every distributions ;)

Sughosha 4 months ago

Needs to utomatically Merge folders while copying or moving

EdmundF 6 months ago

Missing function to automatically RENAME files while copying is target file name exists

melsevier 11 months ago

Would help to have a scroll bar on the files list when moving several files, can't get to the rest of the files not shown.

CharlieBigley 1 year ago

I cannot use it to access Samba shares, so use Nautilus instead.

limey-lee 1 year ago

My favourite file manager next to Dolphin .

rangelteste 1 year ago


altandeniz 1 year ago

fast and reliable. works amazing on Linux Mint Mate. I don't know why it says "for cinnamon desktop"

vishgaur 2 years ago

I don't know why the rating is so low? I don't understand what an average user needs in a file manager? It is the CLEANEST file manager on Linux till now.

sbroccolo 3 years ago

My favorite

mclad 3 years ago

Needs more power options and customizability. Also, strange behaviour just noted - when editing bookmarks, deleting defaults from "My Computer" such as Videos, Photos, Music etc causes custom bookmarks under "Bookmarks" to jump up into "My Computer". Which is fine, I wanted to put them there anyway ;)

Vasilis_K 3 years ago


hobbledehoy899 3 years ago

Eh, Thunar is better...

linuxero 3 years ago

Very good!

cmoi 3 years ago

Configurable, rajout de script... Très bien

zboraon 3 years ago

best, best, best!

hrfabarac 3 years ago

Estupendo gestor de archivos

dragonclan 3 years ago

LM 18 cant copy to droid phone hangs freeze system for a bit

pradacr 4 years ago

SD cards (USB sticks) mount as read only, other users report this bug but not all people. I have to open it using "sudo nemo" every time, which is not logical since it unlocks everything.

hellriegel 4 years ago

LM 18 Cin problem with symlink to a different partition, file not removable to trash