Notepad++-like editor for Linux
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Notepadqq is a text editor designed from developers, for developers.

It support for multiple programming languages, multiple encodings, plugins and unnamed buffers.
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beng 3 months ago

It would be nice if it was reliable but notepadqq is prone to randomly crash, which causes you to lose any unsaved data. It does seem to periodically auto save a cache but this may be older than the last save you did, and when you restart it after a crash, it loads the older cached copy instead of the more recent saved copy. Because it is not reliable, it can be frustrating to type a lot of text only to lose it when it crashes.

openletter 2 years ago

**IMPORTANT** Unsaved cached tabs disappear without warning between login sessions. Spontaneous crashes lose all unsaved data. This is alpha quality.

t3chn0k 2 years ago

It's very good. I wish it had a "compare" plugin (like Notepad++ has), then it would be perfect.

DoctorWizard 2 years ago

Great multi-purpose text editor, works pretty well for code too. Used it for years!

chris38 2 years ago

always crash (seems not to be ended) unfortunately (02-2021)

SmallPhoenix558 2 years ago

Great app! Like a Notepad++!

dawg 3 years ago

Great little editor, espacially if you dont have time to learn vim etc. Also nice themes in settings/preferences.