Open-world RPG game engine
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OpenMW is a open-source openw-world RPG game engine that started off as an reimplementation of the Bethesda Game Studios game engine used by The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind. The project scope has grown to wanting to support more games and allows, with the help of the editor, for developers and content creators to make their own games.

To play Morrowind, the "Data Files" are required from the original game.
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vadimgluk 3 years ago

This version of the program breaks. When saving In the crash log, I see, it is an old OSG 1.6.4 version that doesn't work. Please note that OSG 1.6.4 is not working and that it needs to be updated as soon as possible. Link to discussion with developer:

Emperor_Zoran 5 years ago

This is the best thing that has ever happened to the Morrowind game ever since the original game has been released. This engine replacement is very stable, has great performance and you can have unbelievable mods, but most of all it's FOSS. And don't let the version number fool you, this software was fully playable for very long time. The developers use very conservative version control.

mrjohnbates 6 years ago

Lost... so... much... spare... time... to this. Best Linux Port EVER. NOT kidding.

KelvinShadewing 6 years ago

From subtle pathfinding enhancements to an alchemy overhaul that makes you wonder how you ever survived in the original game, OpenMW truly breathes new life into Morrowind! Add in the freedom to make your own Elder Scrolls-style game with its engine and creation kit, and this thing just keeps getting better and better. There's only a few features from this that I miss, things like swift casting, but those are minor pet peeves of mine, and who's to say they won't be implemented in the future? But with all the essential features enhanced and being able to play cross platform without the overhead of emulation makes this engine a perfect replacement for Bethesda's.

ephraimshofar 7 years ago

I spent literally THOUSANDS of Hours getting Morrowind looking better & better over the years on Windoze. I still had problems with Mods. OPENMW IS INCREDIBLE! IT OUTDOES my BEST EFFORTS on Windoze, & Mods work FLAWLESSLY, despite the fact that I have so many enabled. This is Morrowind as I always hoped I could make it. My all-time Favorite Game has been reborn, and it is better on my Favorite OS!