Classic dice game of Yahtzee
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Open Yahtzee is a version of the classic dice game Yahtzee. Also known as Knubbel or Pasch.

Open Yahtzee is built to be a full-featured Yahtzee implementation, with a user-friendly interface including animated dice rolls.

For other implementations see the gtali game in the gnome-games package.
Latest reviews
governmint 3 years ago

Very good, but the random generator needs a touch up. Often clicking the Roll button brings back the same numbers. Other than that, it's a good relaxing game. Works well in Linux Mint 18.3

crimsonmane 6 years ago

gtali is better

vliam 8 years ago

I haven't had any issues on Mint14. It's a very simple and quick dice game that can burn a couple of minutes.

kpearsonxyz 9 years ago

I've tried this game a couple times, and each time, I play once, and the .rc file is written and unless I delete it, thus starting over, it won't open. Interesting, and very annoying, bug.

linux1492 9 years ago

yep, you want to kill time play this game

randyroe 9 years ago

Simple Yahtzee... great time killer

mca53 10 years ago

kind of fun, but plays only in vertical mode; if you switch it to horizontal the text disappears