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K. Pearson
 United States

I've been using Linux since around 1991. My first distro was Slackware because to setup a new mail server in a remote office, the company I.T. manager sent me the 3.5" floppies to use. There was no X-windowing system because the PC I had didn't have a graphics card or memory to support X or fit the extra files necessary.

From there I changed to Redhat and operated the mail server for a few years and ran X on it after a year or so. That was very nice. The version I had, as I remember, was v5.2. I still have the installation media, manuals in the box Redhat used. It was the "Deluxe" version, as they called it back then.

I then installed a mail server in my home on my own domain and used Redhat v5.4. Then moved to fedora after Redhat v6.2 because I think that was when they moved from Redhat free to fedora, which I still use on my servers.

For desktop, I moved from Redhat to PCLinuxOS, which was the best for a while, but when the distro owner/manager quit doing updates "for personal reasons", I moved to Linux Mint, which I still use.

I REALLY appreciate Mint staying with Gnome and not dropping into the Unity "pit of despair" (what movie is that from). I'm growing very fond of the Gnome Shell, even though I have to CTRL-ALT Fn and login to fuser -k /usr/bin/gnome-shell every few days.


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Favorite software:
"Simply the BEST!"
"Very clean "terminal" font that makes apps on my 1920x1200 laptop easier to read."