kpearsonxyz K. Pearson
United States
2016-02-26 11:56:06

I've been using Linux since around 1991. My first distro was Slackware because to setup a new mail server in a remote office, the company I.T. manager sent me the 3.5" floppies to use. There was no X-windowing system because the PC I had didn't have a graphics card or memory to support X or fit the extra files necessary.

From there I changed to Redhat and operated the mail server for a few years and ran X on it after a year or so. That was very nice. The version I had, as I remember, was v5.2. I still have the installation media, manuals in the box Redhat used. It was the "Deluxe" version, as they called it back then.

I then installed a mail server in my home on my own domain and used Redhat v5.4. Then moved to fedora after Redhat v6.2 because I think that was when they moved from Redhat free to fedora, which I still use on my servers.

For desktop, I moved from Redhat to PCLinuxOS, which was the best for a while, but when the distro owner/manager quit doing updates "for personal reasons", I moved to Linux Mint, which I still use.

I REALLY appreciate Mint staying with Gnome and not dropping into the Unity "pit of despair" (what movie is that from). I'm growing very fond of the Gnome Shell, even though I have to CTRL-ALT Fn and login to fuser -k /usr/bin/gnome-shell every few days.

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"Simply the BEST!"
"I've tried this game a couple times, and each time, I play once, and the .rc file is written and unless I delete it, thus starting over, it won't open. Interesting, and very annoying, bug."
"I'd give 4 or 5 stars if it was complete. However, it does "obey" the rules of the game, and that's saying something. So many copycat apps try to improve on the original. That's fine, but call it something different. Yahtzeesharp is very true to the original rules, however, that brings me to the reason for a "so-so" rating. If you get an additional Yahtzee during a game, the Yahtzee Bonus doesn't work. Not at all. Not even one bit after a click. Am I missing something? Do I have to enable that feature somewhere? That just occurred to me, so maybe I need to check a .rc file because there's not a "settings" option anywhere now is there..."
"I no dead project should ever appear in a Linux "Featured" list of apps."
"Hopefully this will grow to replace the monster that killed WordPerfect by scuttling their own codebase release to competitors so they would fail"
"Very clean "terminal" font that makes apps on my 1920x1200 laptop easier to read."