Visual folder comparison and synchronization
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FreeFileSync is a folder comparison and synchronization software that creates and manages backup copies of your important files. Instead of copying every file every time, FreeFileSync determines the differences between a source and a target folder and transfers only the minimum amount of data needed.

NOTE: FreeFileSync allows you to open files in external applications or run custom scripts. However, when sandboxed as Flatpak, external applications or scripts from your host system are not accessible. If you want to give FreeFileSync access to your host applications/commands, run "flatpak override --user --socket=session-bus org.freefilesync.FreeFileSync" in terminal to give it access to your session DBus (or you can use Flatseal to configure app permissions). Now you can run any app/command, if you prefix it with "flatpak-spawn --host", i.e. "flatpak-spawn --host mycommand arguments".

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bigbadbootydaddy 1 year ago

exactly what I was looking for. I use it to sync my pc to my synology nas for specific files. Does a complete sync to mirror both folder if you want.

Thomas_Riedel 2 years ago

Version 11.16 hängt sich auf, wenn man die Funktion: "Swap sides" benutzt. Version 11.16 hangs when using the function: "Swap sides".

danmark_ori 2 years ago

@ scalpa : ? this is a Linux app at a Linux OS, right? I do run FreeFileSync trouble free for months now on both Windows as Linux (Linux Mint) systems. At first the default Free version. Since December last year the Donation Edition. The portable version is both "Donation Edition" as Windows platform only. Or are you able to run a Microsoft Windows executable on Linux ? Yeah, I know about Wine, LOL. Please be more specific next time. And imho: when running anything with Wine, it's a game, by default.

SergejS 2 years ago

Отлично, давно искал. Для Win, Mac , Linux Mint

abdunnafialif 2 years ago

Awesome. Batch run feature helps me to sync with google drive.

gnappi 2 years ago

My expectations of new software is directly proportional to my expectations. Nits like GUI layout, figuring out what the coder wanted me to do etc.are irrelevant. Now can it do what I need it to do? That's important and this will synchronize my several external USB drives easily. I like it a LOT!

rolf99 2 years ago

unfortunately skips files when syncing. although source directories and files are the same the files skipped are different when running FFS 11.9 on different yet similar mint 20 machines. Manually the related files can be copied and read / altered. thus not really reliable ;-( message: EINVAL: Das Argument ist ungültig [read]

scalpa 3 years ago

On Mint 20, refuses to delete some folders, no idea why. The portable version, downloaded from the site, does it flawless.

sderrico 3 years ago

Very good alternative of good sync

fernandocabral 3 years ago

Yes, abdunnafialif, you can do automatic sync in at least two different ways. One is using cron to start the job you want. The other is using RealTimeSync that comes with FreeFileSync. I have been using this software for several year now and I only have good things to say about it.

VitalyLG 3 years ago

Отличная утилита для сравнения и синхронизации папок, которая создает резервные копии всех ваших важных файлов и управляет ими.

joaoluiz 3 years ago

Perfect replacement for SyncToy. It has the same functionalities, and the information is presented in a very clear way.

Philtouet 4 years ago

Les fonctionnalités de connexion à un serveur ne sont disponibles qu'en version payante. 5€/ mois = trop cher. to expansive!

danydube 4 years ago

Voilà un programme de synchonisation de fichiers très fonctionnelle. Plusieurs options de mise-à-jour synchro entre deux dossiers. La copie miroir entre deux médias est vraiment excellente. Logiciel backup-synchro à recommander !

governmint 4 years ago

The Graphic User Interface (GUI) simply sucks. It doesn't adapt proportionally to the display size. Bring that back to the drawing board. That's too bad because I used the Windows version and it was absolutely flawless.

sfalcao 4 years ago

Excellent! Do what has to be done, is higly configarable. Scares a bit at first by after one get used is simple and fast.

Zakhil 5 years ago

For straight to Ex HDD it's fantastic. Very simple to use once you get it and super fast! Actually faster than Linux trying to copy files. Do however download from the website, it's a much smaller package and later versions.

Brn17 5 years ago

Excellent, I use it since years, but I prefer to install the last official package at

RMJ1940 5 years ago

Works great with USB external drives

tom4uu2 5 years ago

For Flathub instance, I'm not sure what to dislike more - 500 MB space required for installation, or, share-points (SMB) not recognized.