Virtualization made simple
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Select an operating system and let Boxes download and install it for you in a virtual machine.


  • Download freely available operating systems
  • Automatically install CentOS Stream, Debian, Fedora, Microsoft Windows, OpenSUSE, Red Hat Enterprise Linux, and Ubuntu
  • Create virtual machines from operating system images with a couple of clicks
  • Limit the resources (memory and storage) your virtual machines consume from your system
  • Take snapshots of virtual machines to restore to previous states
  • Redirect USB devices from your physical machine into virtual machines
  • 3D acceleration for some of the supported operating systems
  • Automatically resize virtual machines displays to the window size
  • Share clipboard between your system and virtual machines
  • Share files to virtual machines by dropping them from your file manager into the Boxes window
  • Setup Shared Folders between your system and virtual machines
Latest reviews
Catoflado 4 months ago

It simply wont work with any ISO key that isnt from a famous system already registered on the aplication. And I dont know why.

Lima 1 year ago

Fácil de instalar, usar e configurar. Minimalista e sem frescuras.

Octopus1348 1 year ago

Great! Super easy, but doesn't boot the VM after installing if I set it to UEFI, only if there is no option to use legacy BIOS.

LambLeeg 2 years ago

The problem is that it's a flatpak, and you have to use flatseal to give it access into / and /home. But as a VM it's totally ok

mintkiwi 4 years ago

I really wanted to get this working. Sadly, with flatpack out of the box it doesn't allow /mnt so unable to use external drive without setting up exceptions. Then after launching I'm given the message "Virtualization extensions are unavailable on your system." This seems to because the flatpack isn't able to install kvm and add users to that group. The final blow came when I tried to customize my VM to where it was trying to store the files. No where in the GUI does it allow you to see, move or change this. Will keep an eye on it for the future, but right now just too basic and broken to use.

esbeeb2 5 years ago

Couldn't create a Manjaro VM, from an iso where I successfully verified the SHA1sum. Vague error message, then it "helpfully" deletes the VM again for you, when you restart Boxes! Huge waste of time! Abysmal.