Nextcloud sync client
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The Nextcloud desktop client allows you to keep one or more folders full of your photos, videos and documents synchronized with your server. Any file you add, modify or delete in the synced folders on your desktop or laptop will show up, change or disappear on the server and all other connected devices. Thanks to the client, you can work with your files even when you are not online!
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altandeniz 9 months ago

Installations from Flakpak take way too much space(2gb for this 100mb max app) so use PPA to install it. Follow these commands: sudo add-apt-repository ppa:nextcloud-devs/client sudo apt update sudo apt install nextcloud-client

gothicpreston 1 year ago

Simple to set up, paired with Woelkli you get a secure cloud storage solution with Swiss data privacy. Works across my linux laptop, android tablet and android phone. Awesome!

SJMackintosh 1 year ago

This is a fully featured Nextcloud client from Flathub so is very easy to set up once you have your nextcloud server.