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Mark Walton
 United Kingdom
Xfce Edition

Ex-computer engineer, manufacturing engineer and robotics/AI specialist (all a long time ago!)

Ex-IBM'er from late '80s

Currently working an extended tenure in Internl Audit for an Aerospace & Defence organisation in the UK, following several years in Procurement.

Running LM17 LM19 on an Asus1015PX netbook [Atom N570 + 2Gb RAM] with XFCE desktop.

Also using an old Dell-1520 [Celeron M540 + 2.5Gb RAM] with LM18 XFCE.

And now a PCSPECIALIST lafite2 (Core i3, 4Gb, 128GbSSD) with LM18.3


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Asus Netbook, Works perfectly on Qiana
Inspiron 1520
Dell Notebook, Works perfectly on Debian
Favorite software:
"Seriously! You have more than one box and DON'T use this to backup your data between the two? This has to be the simplest way to automate backups when combine with a password manager and an SSH link to another box. Lierally THE fist package I install on any new linux box."
"Simple to set up, paired with Woelkli you get a secure cloud storage solution with Swiss data privacy. Works across my linux laptop, android tablet and android phone. Awesome!"
"Whilst I only use this to transfer photos from my mobile phone onto the laptop, it's THE solution for those that don't want all their images to be swollowed up by their mobile OS provider. There are some unofficial applications for XFCE integration, but this works just fine for me without any "outside help"."
"Always good to have this sat in the background for when I need to run a Bash utility or get some system info. Another of my essential applications to install on a new box!"
"Sometimes "dead simple" is the best approach. Thats Geany. Not as sophisticated as Sublime or functional as IDLE etc. but it just gets the coding job done. It does pay to twiddle the Preferences to suit your liking if the defaults feel too busy for you."
"The original and still the best! I can't get to grips with the "other" browser interfaces. We need to show Mozilla some support for all their efforts over the years too."
"Ok, ok! I know CDs are a media relic from the 80's, but some of us still buy them and "own" our music collection we need awesome apps like this to get pull the stuff into our digital collection. Another essential install on every box I own."
"Best photo manager for a Gtk desktop. One of my essentil items to install onto my XFCE box."
"If you want to build that killer app, then this is the place to start. take the effort out of coding up all those UI elements and signals. I use this with Builder in Python to link up the code and the UI."
"You have no idea how good this little accessory really is until you try it! Give your eyes a rest and enjoy your evenings more with a little redshift."