Simple drawing/painting program
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Pinta is an easy to use drawing/editing program. Its goal is to provide a simplified experience for casual users.

Features include: - Adjustments (Auto level, Black and White, Sepia, …) - Effects (Motion blur, Glow, Warp, …) - Multiple layers - Unlimited undo/redo - Drawing tools (Paintbrush, Pencil, Shapes, …)
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Str8gamE 1 month ago

would definitely use this app if the bugs were fixed but its wonkey in Mint 21.3.. i had issues with the text tool but there may be other issues

Emipurpura 2 months ago

I had some problems in mint 21.3, better use the flatpak.

joe_evans 2 months ago

Great program thanks, worked out of the box, always has. My only gripe that it wipes out all EXIF and IPTC metatags, I am on ver 1.6

MvGulik 5 months ago

Utterly useless crap. It can't even draw single pixel lines in a normal way.

dalers 7 months ago

Use Flatpak from Software Manager for current version.

PlebusUnus 1 year ago

I love this program. Worked first click after download on Mint 20.3. I have been using this since Mint 18 I think. If you are familiar with paint, this will be a breeze.

barryedmiston 1 year ago

Is this a joke? Crashed within 20 seconds of first use on 20.3.

GoodGirlPearl 2 years ago

This review is just based on my first impressions, as i havent really had the time to get familiar with the UI and layout and capabilities of this like i have with Paint.NET on Windows in the past. However, since it got its 2.0 update, it sure does seem to line up a lot more with the Paint.Net experience and i could see myself getting by alright doing basic photo editing and any pixel-perfect adjusting like i would with; and given that no other program yet has tickled that fancy for that level of simplicity and functionality that makes it easiest to do what *I* need to get done, done. Kudos, Pinta team. :3

MaximBomba 2 years ago

This could be a nice alternative, but glitches and frequent crashes make this app difficult to use

Vasilis_K 2 years ago

Awesome, much simpler and lightweight alternative to Photoshop and Gimp, if you don't want all the complicated and heavyload features of them. Use ppa:pinta-maintainers/pinta-stable, to get the latest stable edition., because the one in repos (1.6) is outdated and unstable.

Linux-Eddie 2 years ago

Funktioniert nicht auf meinem Rechner mit Linux Mint 20.2 Cinnamon. Schade, die Programmoberfläche sieht sehr gut aus.

Minty_Max 2 years ago

It could be good for a simple drawing tool but it is quite buggy. The zoom is broken. Crash when working with too many layers. Practically unusable as is.

tintenpatronen1112 2 years ago

Freezes regurarly (system not low on RAM) and crashed 5 times during 30 minutes. Use kolourpaint!

atlant 2 years ago

Вполне хороший аналог Paint.Net

harrygrey 2 years ago

Mit Mint19.3 funktioniert es ebenfalls nicht. Schließt sich selbst nach Laden eines Bildes. Kann keine .gif Bilder

ragsu 2 years ago

Newest version does not work with Mint 20.1

Teyrox 3 years ago

A veces crashea, pero no es muy problematico, fácil de usar y perfecto para recortar capturas de pantalla.

Butcheroni 3 years ago

crashes always down when i try to cut some simple screenshots

titistream 3 years ago

Many crashes..

openletter 3 years ago