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Pix is an advanced image viewer and browser. It has many useful features, such as filesystem browsing, slide show, image catalogs, web album creation, camera import, image CD burning, batch file operations and quick image editing features like transformation and color manipulation.

For camera import feature, the gPhoto2 library is used.
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joao-gs 2 months ago

Sendo bem sincero, o aplicativo gThumb é bem melhor que o pix, é mais completo, eficiente e otimizado. Vocês poderiam colocar esse aplicativo como aplicativo de foto padrão no linux mint, o que acham?

vanilla_flower_foxy 9 months ago

buh, Mirage (though doesn't work for me on mint 21 Xfce) and Ristretto are better...

Lima 9 months ago

For laptop users this app is terrible for browsing images, because there's no support for touchpad scrolling, which is very fast and broken. Also, the image zoom is a lots lagged. If you uses a touchpad and not a mouse I recommend installing another app, like gThumb.

EdmundF 10 months ago

Where is the manual? There is a selection "cut" but that doesn't do anything

Ratologist 11 months ago

Pix is a great image viewer/browser with lots of extensions/plugins. But I like gThumb more.

epsilotronic 1 year ago

It's a fantastic app that allows you the most common editing settings quickly. It also allows you to manipulate metadata very easily. Perhaps you miss being able to browse folders directly from the image browser without resorting to the tree. But in general it goes great in xfce and cinnamon.

Alex4430 2 years ago

Sadly not a good replacement for FastStone ImageViewer from Windows

Vasilis_K 2 years ago

Nice, simple and plain, with lots of features. One of the very few supporting webp format. The only thing missing is raw (dng) support.

Keithw 3 years ago

Nowhere near as easy to use as Mirage - Help files have errors

_Josue_ 3 years ago

This software saved my ass! I found some strangely corrupted images, I was unable to open those with ANY other software, but THIS one opened it and the best part is that it has an export function, so I was able to export the images saving them correctly!

daffa 5 years ago


tagada-john 5 years ago

faster than eog,more PaWa...

rstreeter 5 years ago

Nice and simple, quite functional.

Quexos 6 years ago

I use Xfce and prefer Ristretto. All these "X-apps" need to go!

FreeWebber 6 years ago


hrfabarac 6 years ago

Visor y editor básico de imágenes que funciona muy bien para tareas simples