Gravitation simulation of planetary bodies
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Planets is a simple interactive program for playing with simulations of planetary systems. It is great for teaching gravitation on planet level.

The user interface is aimed at being simple enough for a fairly young kid to enjoy it, their is a special kid-mode for this purpose.
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apostolov 9 years ago

Just awesome :)

garrett 9 years ago

Fun and more adictive than you may think.

linux1492 10 years ago

Nice toy! The controls are very simple and perhaps not user friendly. But it is fun to play with gravity for some time. From the point of learning some physics one has to say that it is not more than a nice to play with tool. But playing is important for learning. So over all I like it!

Xyie 10 years ago

It's a fun program to play around with, but the tools aren't great for a solid understanding of the mechanics behind what you're doing - or they're not completely clear on them. Anyhow it's very fun to try and build star systems with it, you can get some nice and/or complex orbits going!