feature-rich audio player with support of many formats
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Qmmp is feature-rich audio player with support of many formats. It is written in Qt.

Supported formats: - MPEG1 layer 2/3 - Ogg Vorbis - Ogg Opus - Native FLAC, Ogg FLAC - Musepack - WavePack - tracker modules (mod, s3m, it, xm, etc) - ADTS AAC - CD Audio - WMA, Monkey's Audio (and other formats provided by FFmpeg library) - PCM WAVE (and other formats provided by libsndfile library) - midi - SID - chiptune formats (AY, GBS, GYM, HES, KSS, NSF, NSFE, SAP, SPC, VGM, VGZ, VTX)

DSP effects: - BS2B effect - sample rate converter - LADSPA effects - extra stereo - crossfade

Visual effects: - projectM visualization - spectrum analyzer

Audio output through: - ALSA - OSS - PulseAudio - JACK - QTMultimedia - Icecast

Other features: - XMMS and Winamp 2.x skins support - alternative user interface based on standard widgets set - 10-band equalizer - MP3, Vorbis, AAC, AAC+ streams support - mms support - MPRIS - removable device detection (via HAL or UDisks) - video playback via Mplayer - lyrics (using LyricWiki and other providers) - cover art support - CUE sheet support - embedded CUE support (for FLAC, WavPack and Monkey's Audio) - multiple playlists - automatic charset detection for cue files and ShoutCast metadata - playlist formats: m3u, pls, xspf - ReplayGain support - sending listening history to Last.fm, Libre.fm and ListenBrainz - CDDB support - audio converter - stream browser - audio formats converter - external programs execution on track change - ReplayGain scanner - archive reader (RAR and 7z) - audio recording - listening history
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Haggen88 2 years ago

simple and useful

dp168 2 years ago

Love it.... it's identical to Winamp, just what I wanted, thank you!! Works like a charm!

ranmagrl 2 years ago

As longtime user of XMMS, I love it! Even after XMMS was abandoned I continued it's use (through unofficial patched version to add UTF-8 support) for a couple of years. What it's not good at is organizing your music collection, editing IDv2/3 tags, etc. but strictly as player I love it. I organizy my music through directory structures and use completely different tools for editing tags/metadata, etc. - the directory structure makes it easy to add songs of specific genre, artist or record recursively to playlist, searching and jumping within a massive playlist is lightning fast and that's the thing. The player doesn't need to be complicated and this classic WinAmp v. 2 clone originally duplicated in XMMS and now in QMMP is IMHO a perfect UI for a graphical audio player. Just use it as player, organize your collection into directories (./Music/Punk Rock/Dead Kennedys/In God We Trust Inc.), create playlist(s) by adding directories recursively, using QMMP only to play the music and it's perfect ;)

olex 3 years ago

Happy to found winamp like player!

Eugo 3 years ago

Feature rich but mostly abandonware. Used it for a few years after ditching Dead Beef, Audacious and a few others which want to be cataloguers. Blazingly fast when reading my long playlist, and also customizable - the ability to have global hotkeys is what I needed (just two: start/stop and next). Two features are missing: no drag/drop nor clipboard to other apps, so when I want to put select files to a thumbdrive, I have to export a playlist, open in something else, and drag/drop from there. Also, the tagger is awkward - can't do much to multiple files, have to click save on each, then for the next file it forgets everything and goes to its first page - and IDV2 tag is on page 3, very tiresome and time consuming. Can't configure it to use external tagger. There are three external commands that are sort of configurable, but actually not - one is file delete, one is replay gain scanner (that finally works, perfect!) and the third doesn't work. Its windows are behaving erratically sometimes, trying to snap to. Main window isn't resizable. The two graphical interfaces are mostly confusing, obviously a legacy feature which IMO hurts nowadays. On my Cinnamon Mint 20 it sometimes causes X.org to take 104% of its assigned processor core, mostly when I scroll a lot while switching between playlists. Sometimes I manage to kill it, sometimes have to reboot.

Linuquix 3 years ago

I Want lastfm for qmmp :((((

anilkumarav 4 years ago

Its amazing player. superb quality sound produce and nostalgia of Winamp. I love it.

scanff 4 years ago

Just like winamp. No confusing clutter just a great music player.

dexberg 5 years ago

Very well Done. Works flawlessly.

kolmak 6 years ago

В целом не плохо, но Audacious больше понравился, как мне показалось более гибкий в настойке

MintPaule 6 years ago

Sehr schöne Alternative zu Winamp!

ManInHighCastle 6 years ago


Teretv 7 years ago

Alternativa a Audacious

huds 8 years ago

gostei bastante desse music player, ele lembra bastante o quitessential media player, tem um interface muito bonita e amigavel

Turist 8 years ago


TWADS 8 years ago

should be called linamp. DX very good. the only problem was with the global hotkeys. with winamp i could press ctrl+alt+start from any window i was and pause the song, and so with other hotkeys. but in qmmp i must cluck on the player and then press the hotkey or it wont to anything.. that should be fixed.

signatux 9 years ago

Acostumbrado a usar Winamp, Qmmp es lo más parecido a él pero para distribuciones Linux. Interfaz, lista de reproducción, ecualizador, multitud de skins, etc. Fue una grata sorpresa haberlo encontrado. Muy recomendable, ya sea porque te es más familiar el “estilo Winamp” o porque lo que estás buscando es un reproductor de audio fácil de usar.

dingofx 9 years ago


misko_2083 9 years ago

Fast, simple and can change skins. All that I need from an audio player.

paralax 10 years ago