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"For VIM fans: Use what you like, why would you come bashing emacs here? And we're not even talking same things. eMacs is a full-blown IDE for any languages, and not even just that, it's an OS within an OS basically. It even has by default applications like web-browser, file-manager, IRC-client, etc. etc. and can even run as Window Manager. It's not comparable to VIM - it's like comparing nano or Windows NotePad to full IDE."
"As longtime user of XMMS, I love it! Even after XMMS was abandoned I continued it's use (through unofficial patched version to add UTF-8 support) for a couple of years. What it's not good at is organizing your music collection, editing IDv2/3 tags, etc. but strictly as player I love it. I organizy my music through directory structures and use completely different tools for editing tags/metadata, etc. - the directory structure makes it easy to add songs of specific genre, artist or record recursively to playlist, searching and jumping within a massive playlist is lightning fast and that's the thing. The player doesn't need to be complicated and this classic WinAmp v. 2 clone originally duplicated in XMMS and now in QMMP is IMHO a perfect UI for a graphical audio player. Just use it as player, organize your collection into directories (./Music/Punk Rock/Dead Kennedys/In God We Trust Inc.), create playlist(s) by adding directories recursively, using QMMP only to play the music and it's perfect ;)"
"Actually I was just looking around if I had any Flatpack's installed, because I wanted to remove them if I had any - I just took a look at this, it looks nice, but Tigers review forced me to write a "warning": The bloat is likely because you're installing a Flatpack. Flatpacks have all the dependencies included, so they are often bloated. For example, if an application uses GTK, a Flatpack for any such application includes a copy of GTK libraries in it, etc. - despite of you likely already have it installed. Flatpacks are easy way to provide a Linux application that works without having to install any dependencies, so it can be easily used on almost any linux installation "as-is". The price is bloated size - imagine if all your applications that use GTK were installed as Flatpack: they would all include a copy of GTK built-in. Same goes for AppImages, and propably Snap, and other such formats. Best way is to install all applications through the packet manager of your distribution (APT in Mint), but sometimes they are not available :( That's why I have one snap and two AppImage releases on my system, but I don't seem to have any FlatPacks - I will remove the whole flatpack infrastructure from my machine."
"Basically useless. I loved (and still love when I need to search such type of fonts) xfontsel, because you could easy select different properties you wanted from it, but that's not what I'm looking from this type of TrueType font viewer. Especially with more than couple fonts, looking for something on any basis becomes nearly impossible with this! I couldn't find one for mint, but the kind thet would actually be useful, would have a list and optionts ot toolbar at least for size in which the fonts would be listed! Maybe also filtlering, like checkboxes for "bold" "cursive", "mono-/variable-width only", etc. list only fonts matching these would-ve been shown; of course after the options should also be a text field for filtering is asy fonts text. Then you could have the font-s listed with their name first, possibly other properties (selectable from "view" menu and/or preferably also frrom settings), followedby example text. This data would be presented as table, where you could automatictally identify both the name and the style of the font on each row, instead of relative large boxes in a grid wdth one Large and anotther small version of same letter A; which tells mostly nothing about the font. When you open a font, it could show a window with area like this screenshot, but you could also switch it to area with "Ipsum lorem...." thing in the size that user can select. On the right side the window you could have all metadata and other relevant data shown in clear way. All these pieces could be copied by plain text or as RTF to keep font & formatting. You should also be able to rewrite the contet of show text area. In the bottom there could be a button to launch Character Picker, if possible with this application. That's pretty much it, for what comes to mind anyway. This one really sucks."
"It's easily worth 4 (I like it) if it didn't have this one issue. My friend has 12GB RAM and usually does only little work with it, but most of the RAM is already used by, guess what? A web browser with a dozen or several tabs open... I have 20GB on my main laptop, 16 on two others (all three Lenovo Thinkpads, but the third is a laptop/tapblet hybrid, X102 Tablet or something likish that it's model), so it's rare for my laptop to run out of memory. "