Personal full text search package
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This package is a personal full text search package is based on a very strong backend (Xapian), for which it provides an easy to use and feature-rich interface.

Features: * Qt-based GUI. * Supports the following document types (and their compressed versions). - Natively: text, html, OpenOffice files, maildir and mailbox (Mozilla and IceDove mail) with attachments, pidgin log files. - With external helpers: pdf (pdftotext), postscript (ghostscript), msword (antiword), excel, rtf (unrtf). * Powerful query facilities, with boolean searches, phrases, filter on file types and directory tree. * Support for multiple charsets, Internal processing and storage uses Unicode UTF-8. * Stemming performed at query time (can switch stemming language after indexing). * Easy installation. No database daemon, web server or exotic language necessary. * An indexer which runs either as a thread inside the GUI or as an external, cron'able program.

This metapackage installs recoll GUI and commandline tools.
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ocor61 2 years ago

This is a little gem and indeed very underrated. Highly configurable, very fast file finder. The best I have used until now.

scoobiedoo 2 years ago

very underrated app. 6 stars!

Linuxwins 2 years ago

Meiner Meinung nach eines der besten Suchprogramme für Linux. Man kann sehr viele Anpassungen vornehmen. Die Ergebnisliste lässt sich den eigenen Vorlieben nach gestalten. Auch die Anzahl der Kontexwörter kann man einstellen. Das Programm bietet eine übersichtliche Schnipselansicht. Es kommt überdies mit allen gängigen Formaten zurecht.

katsumi 3 years ago

This is a lifesaver!

rahul 3 years ago

This is an underrated GEM!!

allanr 3 years ago

Superb searching. Just remember that to search in LO & MS Office files, you also need python-libxslt1 and python-libxml2 for recoll v1.22 to 1.24, or python3-lxml for 1.25 and newer.

deanr72 4 years ago

Very useful for someone like me who works with texts and often has to find stuff from years back. A life-saver!

chisa 7 years ago

This is the search tool with a nice GUI I was looking for, it has a useful user manual and is up to date. Was easy to find text in directory/files using query language (boolean). Better than searchmonkey imo.

publicFriend 7 years ago

Very nice but not too easy to handle for newbies

Katel 7 years ago

Funciona como el buscador de Windows 7, busca todo, sólo hay que poner los parámetros, pero funciona muy bien, debería ir integrado en todos los menús!

toxotas 8 years ago

It works very fast and doesn't miss the target! Grep is not so reliable and miss files

miromoko 8 years ago

Absolutely amazing! Has completely saved me from going back to Microsoft BS

Nanook121 8 years ago

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you.....

xfrank 9 years ago

very, very good. It can find everyting and fast. Results are shown clearly with preview option. Really handy, superior to other search engines.

tomato 10 years ago

Nice, easy to use and finds almost everything. A pity partial matches don't work, though.

krtekat 10 years ago


RytronII 10 years ago

Really handy utility.

puigpuig 10 years ago

Excellent: powerful and clear. Unfortunately the Software MAnager version is not up to date (1.16 and not 1.17, that has good new features). But it works well.

Koon 10 years ago

Lets you control your search, finds what you want, does not bog down the system.

stepgr 10 years ago