Simple text editor for Markdown and reStructuredText
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ReText is a simple editor for Markdown and reStructuredText markup languages.

ReText supports tabs, live text preview and syntax highlighting. Supported export formats: HTML, ODT, PDF. It is also possible to write custom export extensions.

It is written in Python using Qt libraries.
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Mash 3 years ago

Great program for it's small size. Already being preferred as it only requires ~3MB of storage space, as it should be. Many others being Flatpack alternatives, eating away nearly a GB of diskspace for dependencies while offering similar functionality.

Hrissimir 3 years ago

Really simple and easy to use! The Ctrl+I/B/U combinations work as expected. Just press Ctrl + L to enable side-by-side preview, then Edit-> tick Use WebKit renderer and you'll never meet any issues with it. Many thanks to the devs for sharing.

SebastJava 4 years ago

Works OK. Simple, i did not have to install anything else.

PerloverDeveloper 6 years ago

Неудобно постоянно переключатся между режимом просмотра и редактирования. При этом режим просмотра мог бы начинаться с того места, где курсор редактирования... Однако нет :( И не понимает списки, которые идут в плотную к абзацу (такое понимает Github)

fastrgv 6 years ago

Installed & worked perfectly; edits too (22dec17)

tothaa 7 years ago

freezes; even after installing docutils and markdown py pkgs

jay_otto 7 years ago

I don't really see the advantage over html markup

llaffer 8 years ago

works well, needs python3-docutils python3-markdown

Tscharli 8 years ago

NIX GEHT - NO GO!!! Retext is not able to parse markdown because of missing module; Online Help leads to Error 404

lightowl 8 years ago

Best editor for programmers.

ifoundacarrot 8 years ago

Really good, but you have to `# apt-get install python3-docutils python3-markdown` to get it working properly.

seosova 8 years ago

Very usfull for github or bitbucket! With this i was love markdown:)

SadieYuCn 9 years ago