SMB/CIFS file, print, and login server for Unix
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Samba is an implementation of the SMB/CIFS protocol for Unix systems, providing support for cross-platform file and printer sharing with Microsoft Windows, OS X, and other Unix systems. Samba can also function as an NT4-style domain controller, and can integrate with both NT4 domains and Active Directory realms as a member server.

This package provides the components necessary to use Samba as a stand-alone file and print server or as an NT4 or Active Directory domain controller. For use in an NT4 domain or Active Directory realm, you will also need the winbind package.

This package is not required for connecting to existing SMB/CIFS servers (see smbclient) or for mounting remote filesystems (see cifs-utils).
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severin 5 months ago

Great tool to share files between devices connected to the same network.

BigJonMCMLXX 1 year ago

as always with everything linux this doesnt work, and there is ZERO useful information anywhere !!! grrrrrr

Starkiller_007 3 years ago

Amazing software for brodcasting media over wifi

Valday 4 years ago

(Linux Mint 19.3) Чтобы работал общий доступ к папке, добавьте строчку force user = Ваше имя пользователя в файле /etc/samba/smb.conf ниже строки workgroup = WORKGROUP.

yigit_burak 4 years ago

i am sad because this is so confusing for me :/

neglesaks 5 years ago

This is the core package for SAMBA network file and printer sharing and is required for other PCs/SMB clients on your local network to see your machine. The sharing plugins for Caja, Nemo, Nautilus etc. won't work if samba is not installed. If youre using a firewall on your PC, open ports 139 and 445 to allow others to connect to your server.

BinKIno 5 years ago

since years we have this piece of sh. of win10 - how long will you need to fix the connection probolems, so it can communicate with a windoz10 machine? you morons ignorant dumbs still have no clue what you are doing. thats it. Big words but no eggs

JeffB 5 years ago

Ne fonctionne pas sous Mint 19 Tara amd64

V_V_V 6 years ago

Must have, as long as you have to deal with windows.

driver76 6 years ago

Useful tool to share network resources.

MackTheKnife 7 years ago

Installation warned about removing files. Died silently, until I read the directions and typed: sudo touch /etc/libuser.conf. Awesome software that bridges Microsoft to *nix. MUST HAVE if you have more than one machine.

Hammer459 9 years ago

Pretty ok but it still f-cks up filenames longer than 8 char

nuagedeboucane 9 years ago

Sometimes hard to make it do what you want.

cruizer 9 years ago

nice to have

MagicMint 9 years ago

Since Redmond decided to help rather than hinder its development, this package has become really useful in a still undiscerning proprietary office world…`

talo 9 years ago

works perfect for share with windows and gnu/linux

davidnickel 9 years ago

must have to share with windows users

jahid_0903014 9 years ago

This is the best way to share files between linux and windows and linux to linux too.

alaint 11 years ago

very nice

fotonix 11 years ago

Comes with the standard install which is just perfect.