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Scribus is an open source desktop page layout program with the aim of producing commercial grade output in PDF and Postscript.

Scribus can be used for many tasks; from brochure design to newspapers, magazines, newsletters and posters to technical documentation.

Scribus supports professional DTP features, such as CMYK color and a color management system to soft proof images for high quality color printing, flexible PDF creation options, Encapsulated PostScript import/export and creation of 4 color separations, import of EPS/PS and SVG as native vector graphics, Unicode text including right to left scripts such as Arabic and Hebrew via freetype. Graphic formats which can be placed in Scribus as images include PDF, Encapsulated Post Script (eps), TIFF, JPEG, PNG and XPixMap(xpm), and any bitmap type supported by QT5.

If you need to use the render frame install the texlive-latex-recommended package (suggested).
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LoganPaelias 9 months ago

Excelente programa para hacer maquetación editorial. Te sirve perfectamente para editar diarios, revistas, etc, tanto en PDF como en impresos. Se parece en su facilidad de uso y posibilidades a Quarkxpress. Uno de los mejores software libres, aun no tiene alternativa parecida en software ibre.

linuxer 1 year ago

Берите Scribus-ng, (версия 1.5.5) работает отлично!

rwmich 1 year ago

wouldn't open my already existing simple pdf files from the gitgo. If it can't do that flawlessly from the start, it's a non-starter.

nowakowski 1 year ago

A really great tool for creating PDFs - zines, flyers, books and more. Easy to learn, but powerful.

promotomorp 2 years ago

It takes some time to switch from Indesign but working with it after the transition is a blast. A new version to fix some old bugs would be great though.

pelutxe 3 years ago

Excellent. Works as well as InDesign does, only Scribus is faster, free and cross-platform, so it's a lot better.

kybagul 3 years ago

Best application for publishing as DTP

quickblack 3 years ago

the best publishing software...

Aotuhm 5 years ago

A complete pro tool for publishing.

jagmint 5 years ago

A very feature rich and powerful Desktop Publishing program. There is a bit of learning curve but there are lots of online tutorials to begin with. Once you get a feel then you become more productive. All the tools needed are there.

shuphi 5 years ago

The essential tool for printed media output. Totally rocks.

Druida13 5 years ago

Equivale ao Publisher

cryptor 5 years ago

Muy completo y al mismo tiempo sencillo. Los resultados son espectaculares.

guaibao 6 years ago


rudspring 6 years ago

it's worth every minute to learn this tool, got great results for posters and small magazines.

Rebel450 6 years ago

a bit complicated to deal with the menus/options - but for sure - the best you can get for Linux...

kiama-mint 6 years ago

go good

fotonix 6 years ago

Full-strength DTP. Have made new converts of very experienced users of other DTP products.

greg01 6 years ago

I've installed v 1.4.5 and it is pretty effective once you get to grips with it. The issue is that there are no good tutorials written for new users. Like many things linux, if you can understand the technobabble, you probably don't need to read it anyway. What is needed is a simple step-by-step guide written for normal people by normal people! I might have a go!

myrkat 7 years ago

As others have said, the 1.4.2 is behind the current stable (1.4.4); get from ppa instead. I make multi-page newsletters, posters, etc. Not the easiest software to learn, but PRO and powerful. Best on Linux, and only real free option.