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"Very old-school game, but then again, I can be pretty old-school myself."
"I have been using Scribus since its 1.3.x developmental days, and it's been my regular DTP tool since I moved to Linux full time in 2015. Honestly, I'm amazed how close it comes to commercial-grade tools out there like InDesign and QuarkXPress. This is a surprisingly capable program which supports color management, lets you reconstruct your own colors in addition to the wide array of palettes already built in. The fact that the program's development team has been able to take Scribus this far considering all the copyright, trademark, and patent-encumbered elements there are to the printing industry is honestly a tribute to their skills, talents, and passions. I've used this program to successfully create materials for use on Café Press, for business cards, for menus, and even sign boards."
"This program definitely needs some work. Fonts really don't render as well as in Firefox, Chrome/Chromium, or even Edge. It does not scroll smoothly and, as others have written in previous reviews, it is very slow to load web pages and has no home button. I'd really love to see this browser brought up to parity with the others since I'm a big fan of competition and not a big fan at all of monopolies or hegemonies."
"Variety is by far the most comprehensive wallpaper changing program I've used. It works very well, and definitely lives up to its name."