Logitech Unifying Receiver peripherals manager for Linux
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Solaar is a Linux device manager for Logitech's Unifying Receiver wireless peripherals. It is able to pair/unpair devices to the receiver, and for some devices to read battery status.
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jwillems03 5 months ago

It does a wonderful job to manage Logitech devices but on my computer, it caused regular lag spikes when I was using non-Logitech periphericals.

Monica 6 months ago

Happy to have this app, now I can configure and use haply my Logitech Pop keyboard and mouse.

rdlf4 1 year ago

While it's great to have on Linux, Solaar does not allow for middle-mouse commands like the Logi app does on Windows. Additionally, this version along with kernel v5.15.0-50 makes my APU spike in activity, never settling and therefore my APU never reaches its lowest temp.

Grue 1 year ago

Does exactly what it says on the tin. A+, would recommend.

davegod75 2 years ago

works pretty good. Looking to get the 1.1.1 package into Mint.

dennis_86 2 years ago

Tested on a K360 keyboard and an M560 mouse, and it works. A minor nitpick is that the battery icon looks almost empty even though the battery status is "Good", i.e. full or almost full. If you could pair devices straight from the taskbar/panel icon, I would have liked this even more.

gmbneves 2 years ago

Almost perfect. Everything works perfectly except for the battery status. It doesn't show the battery status for the MX Anywhere 3 mouse - it's unknown - and it's showing 100% for the MX Keys keyboard for a while now.

JimmiVP 2 years ago

Perfect!! I had to boot into Windows to pair the keyboard (MK710). Now i know i dont have to do that, if something happens or if i get another Unify device.

uglier 2 years ago

Works great so far on Linux Mint. Now I have a trifecta of Computers/OSes controlled by a K780 keyboard and a Triathlon mouse. My life is a lot simpler now.

brilo 2 years ago

Thank you that much! From now on the keyboard works even with the GRUB boot menu.

Commander_Keen 3 years ago

Simple and working software to pair Mouse/Keyboard with Unifying receiver from Logitech. Does what it should, no clutter.

darrellburk 3 years ago

Took about 45 seconds to pair an existing Unifying receiver with an additional keyboard and mouse. Now my wife can use the same receiver at home and at work without carting the kbd/mouse around.

googkhan 3 years ago

with MX Master 3 mouse MX Keys keyboard combo works all functions.

ssg_60 4 years ago

Thank you to the developer. This is a clean, no nonsense app. I just plugged it in and all connected. Thank you to Zednet for pointing me to it. Works well. No hassles.

mintyfresh 4 years ago

Works well. Just want to let people to know, the paring stays with the logitech usb dongle. So you can run the logitech unifying software on a different OS, pair the items you wish to the dongle, then simply plug it into your LInux machine. Just an FYI. Sonarr works well as well. I do have an issue where the icon appears greyed out, and I have to pull the dongle then reconnect it for some reason. The peripherals work despite the grayed out sonaar icon, so no biggie.

nbk7 6 years ago

Great tool. Was able to pair my Mouse and and newly purchased Keyboard with the Unify Dongle directly. Without this tool it would not be possible to newly pair such devices.

fedelin 6 years ago

Mieux que l'original !

Laxman573 6 years ago

Was able to pair new trainsceiver with old 510 mouse. Exactly what I was looking for. Great job guys!

darotuc 6 years ago

It's been telling me that my battery is on 70% for the last 4 months. I don't think that's accurate, so I'm uninstalling the software.