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coitus 1 week ago

Unusable, as it is out of date and that makes it impossible to log in.

franckgaga 2 weeks ago

Works well except for the bug with the open file dialog, making the app crash with a segfault (both for loading local music files or images). The flathub version display the same bug. The bugs is related to gnome shell (i.e. cinnamon). A workaround is to install xfce in synamptic, load session with xfce, and open spotify in xfce shell for file opening. EDIT : Only flathub version i able to play local music files.

shibdyem 4 weeks ago

SergeantBL 1 month ago

After the update I think this version is here better than the flatpak. Before I had issues that I could only access Spotify in fullscreen mode but now everything is fixed.

nikkoboy 1 month ago

Works great (Linux Mint 20.1 Cinnamon). I used to get a message "please go online", but after I deactivated/activated my wireless connection, problem was solved.

kanishtech 2 months ago

It works only at time. Most of the time it shows your to connected to internet ,even if I'am connected. Please fix it ASAP.

Lestatte 3 months ago

I life Spotify. I use it every day.

FinixFighter 3 months ago

Great app! Although it's not open source, sadly.

pernikv 4 months ago

Spotify I love. I use it on computer and on mobile phone, too. But in Linux Mint Cinnamon version when you want to edit playlist image, application crashs.

SalvoRubino 4 months ago

Spotify works but I assign only 2 stars because haven't support for HiDpi screen. On a fullHD it works fine but, on a 4k screen, it's so little that I have reaaly difficult to read playlist's name. (I'm paying Spotify premium and I don't want to launch from terminal everytime to scale it at 2.0x. I think that, if you pay a service, that service have to work for you and Spotify does not, in this moment)

josta 6 months ago

EN: It works for about 98% of the time. I use Spotify for years and there are about one or two times a year it is a bit buggy but the most time it works well. DE: Ich benutze Spotify schon seit Jahren und zu 98% funktioniert es bei mir gut. ein zwei Mal im Jahr ist etwas ruckelig, doch die meiste Zeit funktioniert es.

janvanveen62 6 months ago

Not working! LMDE4 32 bit softwarecenter spotify client is empty sice a few weeks, installation via flatpack gives error. Using the way provided by spotify gives error on libcurl3 current is libcurl 4 used.

darkcloud 8 months ago

EN: A good cloud application to listen music! PT-BR: Uma boa aplicação de cloud para ouvir música!

higc 8 months ago

NOT working. Giving a Blank Screen on on Linux Mint 19.3.

VGDESIGN 10 months ago

Works fine and have a large selection of music

ismed1 10 months ago

עובד נפלא על לינוקס מינט גרסה 19.3

FernandoCobos 10 months ago

Trabaja muy bien. Es estable, tiene opciones y configuraciones completas, practicamente igual que las versiones de Windows y MacOS, todo esta y funciona exactamente igual. Probada con Mint 19.03 64 Bits.

dmason 10 months ago

After installing the Update gave me an authentication error whenever I tried to update. I solved this by opening "Software Sources", then → "Maintenance" → "Add Missing Keys"

e934 11 months ago

It runs smoothly and it work fine

feevars 11 months ago

Just installed from sw manager and it works fine.