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SergeantBL 1 week ago

In my case it's rather buggy. The upper bar (minimize, close..) disappears. If I play a playlist between songs there is never a smooth experience and the sound is lagging

josta 2 weeks ago

EN: It works for about 98% of the time. I use Spotify for years and there are about one or two times a year it is a bit buggy but the most time it works well. DE: Ich benutze Spotify schon seit Jahren und zu 98% funktioniert es bei mir gut. ein zwei Mal im Jahr ist etwas ruckelig, doch die meiste Zeit funktioniert es.

janvanveen62 2 weeks ago

Not working! LMDE4 32 bit softwarecenter spotify client is empty sice a few weeks, installation via flatpack gives error. Using the way provided by spotify gives error on libcurl3 current is libcurl 4 used.

darkcloud 2 months ago

EN: A good cloud application to listen music! PT-BR: Uma boa aplicação de cloud para ouvir música!

higc 3 months ago

NOT working. Giving a Blank Screen on on Linux Mint 19.3.

VGDESIGN 4 months ago

Works fine and have a large selection of music

ismed1 4 months ago

עובד נפלא על לינוקס מינט גרסה 19.3

FernandoCobos 4 months ago

Trabaja muy bien. Es estable, tiene opciones y configuraciones completas, practicamente igual que las versiones de Windows y MacOS, todo esta y funciona exactamente igual. Probada con Mint 19.03 64 Bits.

dmason 5 months ago

After installing the Update gave me an authentication error whenever I tried to update. I solved this by opening "Software Sources", then → "Maintenance" → "Add Missing Keys"

e934 5 months ago

It runs smoothly and it work fine

feevars 6 months ago

Just installed from sw manager and it works fine.

allanpgf 6 months ago

I just installed from the Software Manager and worked great!

alexjesus0906 8 months ago

Meu cliente de música preferido.

nickg 8 months ago

Installing Via the Software Manager fails to add the Spotify repository keys, meaning you won't be able to update the application. Using the spotify provided way to add their keyserver works perfectly. curl -sS | sudo apt-key add -

BadPlayer38 8 months ago

Working Perfectly in my Laptop ^^

SliweQ 8 months ago

It is very good but eat too much RAM. I dont find any other mistakes. I recomend this program

raphaelcarrah 9 months ago

O aplicativo está bem desenvolvido, e roda perfeitamente! Parabéns.

nicolasmedina 10 months ago

it's work really fine on linux mint 19.2 cinnamon HP-240-G6 <3

jporpino 10 months ago

Rodando bem, só demoraou para baixar.

nowakowski 11 months ago

It works without any problem. But it would be even better if there was a Spotify client that respects the appearance of the application in Linux Mint.