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saw_c13 1 month ago

La tengo instalada en Linux Mint 21.2 (mate) Funciona de 10!

tespiter 2 months ago

Works just like Win version. Although closing window doesn't minimize it under Linux Mint 21.1. (even this option is selected under settings). 4/5

joao-gs 2 months ago

O Spotify funciona bem, uma sugestão, tentem atualizar o spotify porque a chave publica provavelmente expirou

norte7wind 3 months ago

Funciona bien. Por sacarle una pega, y aunque se puede ajustar fácilmente, por defecto mande notificaciones cada cambio de canción no parece muy lógico.

lil_paarthurnax 6 months ago

nada para reclamar, ótimo.

forever-and-a-day 7 months ago

Good music service, and it's nice that they have a native (albeit electron) Linux app. The title bar integrates poorly with most desktop environments, if that bothers you. Use spicetify if you want to add cool features to it.

David8879 9 months ago

It works very nice...even the premium account.....I couldn't find the equalizer in the settings.. why ? i can see spotify equalizer in settings while iam on windows..

SandyCohen 10 months ago

@charlezo Das hat jetzt bei mir geklappt (sw manager variante). Ich müsste übrigens ein reboot machen. Das erste mal hat die app gecrashed. Jetzt logged in premium alles tip top. (sw manager version works well with Mint 21 cinnamon, I just had to do a reboot as the first attempt at launching the app crashed. Now logged in premium and everything's great)

charlezo 1 year ago

auf Mint 21 Cinnamon startet weder die Flat-Pack -- noch die Ubuntu-Variante ... um mein Premium-Konto verwenden zu können bin ich auf den Web-Player angewiesen - das kanns ja wohl nicht sein - bitte umgehend fixen

richolate 1 year ago

estoy usando LMDE 5, y funciona super bien. (I am using LMDE 5, and it works great.)

buddhi 1 year ago

love it

joeblowsmaga 1 year ago

Never even heard of it til Joe Rogan stood up for free speech. I just dropped t mobile for censoring text messages . good job guys . I love it!

MaorUziel 1 year ago

I using the client every day and it works great.

drohr 1 year ago

Linux Mint 20.03 Cinnamin installed fine. Works. Logged in with my Premium account and all is there.

pbas 1 year ago

installed from software manager, it took some time but ye, everything works great. Linux Mint 19.3 MATE

terrym 1 year ago

Tried from Software Manager on a fresh install of Mint Mate Uma 20.2. The only time it runs is first time after a reboot. If then closed and then re-opened it doesn't run, only opens with a blank screen then crashes. Tried the Snap install method which was the same. Disappointed.

plantuz 1 year ago

Perfect download with the Software Manager on Mint 20.2 xfce and surprised to find Spotify in the repository.

Skylark 1 year ago

Everythink is working well

wcanyon 2 years ago

won't load in Linux Mint 20.2 Uma - 5.4.0-74-generic -- had to install it with the instructions on the site

Blasfemis 2 years ago

Does everything I need for spotify premium