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buddhi 1 month ago

love it

joeblowsmaga 4 months ago

Never even heard of it til Joe Rogan stood up for free speech. I just dropped t mobile for censoring text messages . good job guys . I love it!

MaorUziel 5 months ago

I using the client every day and it works great.

drohr 5 months ago

Linux Mint 20.03 Cinnamin installed fine. Works. Logged in with my Premium account and all is there.

pbas 5 months ago

installed from software manager, it took some time but ye, everything works great. Linux Mint 19.3 MATE

terrym 5 months ago

Tried from Software Manager on a fresh install of Mint Mate Uma 20.2. The only time it runs is first time after a reboot. If then closed and then re-opened it doesn't run, only opens with a blank screen then crashes. Tried the Snap install method which was the same. Disappointed.

plantuz 6 months ago

Perfect download with the Software Manager on Mint 20.2 xfce and surprised to find Spotify in the repository.

Skylark 7 months ago

Everythink is working well

wcanyon 9 months ago

won't load in Linux Mint 20.2 Uma - 5.4.0-74-generic -- had to install it with the instructions on the site

Blasfemis 10 months ago

Does everything I need for spotify premium

SwiftLemon 11 months ago

Does't work with sign in with Apple quite yet. A work around is to go to and say forgot password then use the email your Apple account is using. Then use the long random username they give you at in your account settings and the password you just made.

Panyi_Antal 1 year ago

Nagyon jó! Itt nem csak "véletlen sorrendben" lehet lejátszani zenéket. Reklám bla-bla átugorható. Remlem így is marad :)

franckgaga 1 year ago

Works well except for the bug with the open file dialog, making the app crash with a segfault (both for loading local music files or images). The flathub version display the same bug. The bugs is related to gnome shell (i.e. cinnamon). A workaround is to install xfce in synamptic, load session with xfce, and open spotify in xfce shell for file opening. EDIT : Only flathub version is able to play local music files.

Spitfire 1 year ago

This one not work, but you can find solution on, in the "download" section!

devilrex 1 year ago

It must be upgraded, can't login via facebook :(

yagmuradam 1 year ago

I'm using it everyday without any problems.

coitus 1 year ago

Unusable, as it is out of date and that makes it impossible to log in.

shibdyem 1 year ago

SergeantBL 1 year ago

After the update I think this version is here better than the flatpak. Before I had issues that I could only access Spotify in fullscreen mode but now everything is fixed.

nikkoboy 1 year ago

Works great (Linux Mint 20.1 Cinnamon). I used to get a message "please go online", but after I deactivated/activated my wireless connection, problem was solved.