text-based subtitle editor
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A text-based subtitles editor supporting basic operations (text, time and style edition), realtime previewing and spell checking. Other fancy features are delaying all subtitles in the current subtitle file, checking errors or creating translations.

Different backends (GStreamer, MPlayer, MPV, or Phonon) can be used to play the realtime video preview which helps to synchronize the subtitles.
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puigpuig 2 years ago

Excellent program, that allows you to create very easily and fast subtitles to a video. Very practical, intuitive and easy.

luadson 2 years ago

It is the best I've used till now, even among Windows based ones.

scalpa 3 years ago

The best free subtitle editor I ever used, beats all the others like a breeze, many thanks to the developers: good job guys :)

rdschouw 3 years ago

This is the best subtitle editor I've used. My most beloved feature is that I can use OCR to convert VOBSUB to SRT. It's truly a gem!

jepe 4 years ago

I have been trying subtitle editors, including some that only work on windows (ouch! :)), and including Gaupol (which would crash when trying to open an MKV file), and including Subtitle Editor, which works perfectly well...

but when opening Subtitle Composer, I just knew that this was it !! :)

I click on a subtitle line and it will go to it with the video (!!)... big deal? Only if you don't have it :)
It also offers very-very good subtitle syncing methods! (which is not just something extra but exactly what you need most of the times!!)
it can not only "shift" subtitles but also stretch or shrink them (!!!!), you only have to set where the last line is spoken, and this will solve your problems which you couldn't have solved with other subtitle editors that don't have the stretch functionality..
it is actually called "Adjust" (in the Times menu)

anyhow.. I just LOVE * * * * * Subtitle Composer! :) :)

and you absolutely DON'T need KDE in order to use it (!!),
I use Cinnamon and works perfectly (as you would expect anyhow)
(I just installed it like 'sudo apt install subtitlecomposer'

without Subtitle Composer the FREE software world couldn't be complete :) :)
thanks to the developers!! big time...

blueXrider 11 years ago

quite nice