3D arcade racer with a variety of characters, tracks, and modes to play
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Karts. Nitro. Action! SuperTuxKart is a 3D open-source arcade racer with a variety of characters, tracks, and modes to play. The aim is to create a game that is more fun than realistic, and provide an enjoyable experience for all ages.

Discover the mystery of an underwater world, or drive through the jungles of Val Verde and visit the famous Cocoa Temple. Race underground or in a spaceship, through a rural farmland or a strange alien planet. Or rest under the palm trees on the beach, watching the other karts overtake you. But don't eat the bananas! Watch for bowling balls, plungers, bubble gum, and cakes thrown by your opponents.

You can do a single race against other karts, compete in one of several Grand Prix, try to beat the high score in time trials on your own, play battle mode against the computer or your friends, and more! For a greater challenge, race online against players from all over the world and prove your racing prowess!
Latest reviews
Borito 1 month ago

Throw away your (tooo expensive) NINTENDO Mario Kart and install SuperTuxKart, it's definitely worth it !!!!

Ayomide_Obi 3 months ago

this game feels like a fresh air than mario kart 8

azrael4h 7 months ago

If you like Mario Kart, you'll like SuperTuxKart. It's fun, has a lot of different courses, and can keep a person entertained for ages.

chris_on_linux 9 months ago

Great game!

DanieruOtakuBoy 1 year ago

Este es el mejor juego de carreras que puede haber en Linux.

richolate 1 year ago

es super super divertida, ademas es multijugador y multiplataforma, lo tiene todo. (It's super super fun, it's also multiplayer and multiplatform, it has it all.)

jiaminglimjm 1 year ago

Keren sih

Morningrain 1 year ago

To additive

Arisma 1 year ago

Game linux paling stabil dan fleksibel yang aku temui

aaloyt 2 years ago

Awesome game

VirajMadhu 2 years ago

Great mini racing game. Smoothly worked in mint 20.2 laptop

OliverStunt 2 years ago

-Min 20.2- game is great! Borrows heavily from Mario Kart series and some other games of the genre, maybe LEGO Racers? Levels setup is gorgeous and thoughtful, maps make a lot of sense, and different modes add replay value. Problems: the game seems rather big for its detail level, and requires more graphics power than a low-end laptop can offer (20fps most). Overall, I wholeheartedly recommend to kill some spare time!

AndyCL 2 years ago

Ähnlich Morrhuhn Kart. Sehr gut! Läuft hervorragend unter Mint 20.2

cscript 2 years ago

leh uga

Zomman 2 years ago

Its a good game however it lags a little on my thinkpad (T420)

Kibihs 2 years ago

This game is the best keep going!

Silvergmac 3 years ago

Um jogo muito bem feito, é simples, divertido, customizável, controles e modo online funcionam muito bem, falta conteúdo em português, mas é incrível faço campeonatos online com meus filhos e amigos com dispositivos diferentes e Sistemas Operacionais diferentes e tudo funciona muito bem, por favor disponibilizem a versão 1.2!

DealerMan 3 years ago

Simple, bet VERY effective stress reducer & time waster. My only gripe is a missing track: Oliver's Math Class.

FinixFighter 3 years ago

Amazing racing game!

PlazmaKG 4 years ago

It's like the Linux and FOSS version of Mario Kart. It should be called "FOSS Kart"