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3D racing cars simulator game using OpenGL
29 reviews

TORCS, The Open Racing Car Simulator is a car racing simulation game which allows you to drive in races against opponents simulated by the computer. You can also develop your own computer-controlled driver (also called a robot) in C or C++. TORCS is GPL (version 2 or later).

Hardware requirements are at least 550MHZ CPU, 256MB RAM and 32 MB OpenGL 1.3 compatible graphics card (with 3D accel preferred) in order to fully enjoy the game.

User reviews:

2 years ago
3 Sometimes I lost easilly the control of the car without any reason

3 years ago
3 SomeHow good, but hard to control and bad view.

3 years ago
4 Muito bom depende muito da qualidade do PC cuto bastante

3 years ago
1 динамика отвратительная

4 years ago
5 Гонок на линуксе мало так что это заслуживает похвал. Графмку улутшить, да и еще при столкновений ты отскакиваешь как мячик не порядок.

4 years ago
3 good graphics but very unrealistic

5 years ago
5 Jeu très bien fait!!! Bravo!! Great game!!!

5 years ago
5 great

5 years ago
1 Crappy. The "TV view" is quite confusing (and you can't select other view). Deleting it after 3 minutes.

5 years ago
2 Not good,always can't be controled.

6 years ago
5 very good!

6 years ago
4 Podia melhorar bastante

6 years ago
5 my buen juego me gusta mucho

6 years ago
3 Quite heavy to download.. :(

7 years ago
5 Most people don't understand the idea behind this game, it is a highly customizable SIMULATOR. This is a good SIMULATOR with not so great (rather way to competant) AI the previous reviews of the AI being able to correct even the most severe collisions flawlessly is true however this game is about trying to simulate the dynamics of driving the cars more so than trying to make for a fun game. The best way to play this game is to play it like you're going to go driving on a race course using a stick shift as that will give you the best control. It is not an easy game to pick up when you are trying to drive stuff like the F1 car and the supercars. I would start with the front wheel drive car and start learning from there. Also you'll need to remember that you must calibrate and customize your controls or you'll have a real hard time trying to drive at all. If you are using a joystick, mouse, or wheel you'll definately need to do this. Trying to drive with only the keyboard is extremely difficult. Now what I recommend is to run practice races using only yourself to get better at the game and its controls. Look through the tracks by entering and exiting them and pick a track which doesn't have much turf to begin with and start out with that. Trying to go with F1 on some tracks is just silly unless you know how to handle that monster. Also know that this game has many camera angles. Hit F2 to cycle though the "driving" views which are easier to see with. Also know that you'll need to use your brake carefully as this game can be quite unforgiving if you slam on your brakes at 200kph as it should be. Remember it isn't like need for speed where you're driving for fun, this is more of a simulator that tries to be as accurate as possible. Don't hate this game because you don't have the time to learn how it works.

7 years ago
1 I don't find out how to control the car, no fun

7 years ago
2 have to wait for oher cars to timetrial and handling of cars not right yet

7 years ago
4 To call the computer controlled drones AI is to insult those working on real AI. The cars will be at this point on the track, at this speed pointing in this direction at this time. Should one of the computer controlled cars brush against you with the force of a butterfly, your car will go into a spin, yet it would take a nuclear bomb to make the computer cars deviate from their path. The graphics do convery a good sense of movement but I am usure of the physics as all the cars seem to accelerate at nearly the sme rate, have an identical top speed, except for the obviously slow cars. I should hate it. And yet it's fun. Why is that?

7 years ago
3 Good for now...

7 years ago
4 Fun, it could use some better graphic settings

8 years ago
1 ... crap!

8 years ago
2 Не приглянулась

8 years ago
1 I was expecting something good!! but disappointed :/

8 years ago
5 Excellent! A lot of fun!

8 years ago
1 A lot of junk!

8 years ago
4 Super.

8 years ago
5 Very good simulator. Awesome!

8 years ago
5 Better than I expected. Realistic physics for the cars. Scenery not bad.

9 years ago
4 A beautiful 3D auto race game for the serious race fan, TORCS even lets you program your own cars, robot opponents, and race tracks as well.